Wednesday, January 24, 2007

wednesday wonders

...blueberry empanadas at Starbucks. The only thing better is when it's paired with an iced grande soy caramel machiatto. The only thing better than that would be a raspberry empanada, which don't currently exist. But blueberry is pretty awesome.
...I got tips this week. I like money.
...The newest episode of The Office: "Maybe your phone is in the ceiling." "Maybe YOU'RE in the ceiling!"
...realizing I can very easily get back into the habit of going to the library every other week or so and actually be reading again. Not only in spite of the two jobs, but quite possibly BECAUSE of the second one.
...hanging out with my sister over the weekend for a little bit while we got my dad's truck back to my parent's house and then me back home. niece asking my sister if I could come play with her and my sister saying I couldn't because I was at work. My niece following up that information by asking where K was.
...really cold ice water with a lot of ice. being so cold outside that the cup I left of mostly ice in my truck last night still had ice cubes in it this morning. Although this could be turned into it being too short of a time between me getting home from work and leaving for work again, but we'll dwell on the delightfulness of cold weather. shirts from Old
...ordering things online in general. Sometimes going to the stores is fun, but mostly it frustrates me. Online shopping can truly be a delight.
...awesome emails and myspace messages this week.
...having friends I can ask for advice even when the situation is embarassing or just awkward to start talking about. DM seeming genuinely glad to have me back working for the company.
...kicking ass on drive-thru bar last night.
...skid proof shoes. I wish all my shoes were skid proof. Except sometimes I like sliding around on the floor, especially when I can do it on purpose and no one around me knows I'm in control. Causing minor heart attacks can be fun.
...K making fideo and it tasting fabulous AND having enough left overs for two more meals.
...ground turkey.
...putting makeup on in the locker room after I actually get to work. I decided that with two jobs I can afford to wear makeup every day because I can afford to buy more when this runs out even if it is kind of expensive for makeup.

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