Thursday, October 25, 2007

my work schedule

I officially work from 2:45 pm to 11:15 pm, Monday through Friday. The hours vary a tiny bit here and there but the days don't. When the hours vary, it's because I've finagled my way into going in a little early. I'm all about all the overtime I can get these days. I'm trying to make sure I don't slide into a hole again. Christmas is still going to be lean but luckily no one excepts much from a college student living on her own, even if she is 27 and should be done with college already.

I like coming home late in the evening. It's nice and quiet and calm and the nights have started to get cooler temperature wise even. I like that most of my neighbors are either asleep or winding down and I like coming into my apartment and not turning the tv on for awhile. Somtimes I get sensory overload at work and it's really nice to drive for ten-ish minutes on mostly deserted streets to come home to a quiet apartment. I like that when K comes over, sometimes I can hear him driving up and know it's him.

It's just nice.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

i'll get around to doing wednesday wonders again soon

Tonight though, I just wanted to say I really love K. I don't know what it was about today that was particularly different than any other day, but every time I looked at him, I thought "Man, I love him."

the weather

The other day was a perfect October day. It was cool but not cold and it was kind of misty outside too. I loved it. Today I believe it is about 94 degrees. Hopefully things cool down and turn into autumn soon.

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. I like it cool outside. I love wearing sweaters and sweatshirts, or even just long sleeves. You'd think I'd like hot weather more than I do on account of all that growing up in California, but I don't. Being sweaty makes me feel icky and no matter how much it happens I can't figure out how to avoid the icky feeling.

I like snuggling down into my bed at night and curling up into the blankets to go to sleep. I love the rain and don't ever get tired of it. Even during this past summer with the record breaking downpours in San Antonio, I loved it. I don't love that my truck freaks out a little when there's a lot of water, but I can survive that alright.

The first time I remember getting four seasons a year was when we moved to Japan. I remember I told my mom I thought spring and fall were dumb because we should just get to the real weather. The inbetweens are lame. As I've gotten older though, I've come to appreciate the inbetweens more.

I should probable move someplace with more distinct seasons. After all, I currently live further down south than I did in Southern California.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

my niece makes me laugh a lot

I spent some time with the babies this weekend.

My niece told me she wants to come over to my house to make cupcakes.

I asked her what kind she would like to make.

"Auntie, I want pink and purple ones."
"Hmm, I'm not sure if I know how to make purple ones, sweetie."
"It's easy! You mix them and color them and put them in the oven for fifteen minutes!" That's it! So I want to make pink ones and purple ones. It just takes fifteen minutes."

I have a few days to figure out how to make purple ones. It might take longer to figure out how a three year old knows it takes fifteen minutes in the oven to make cupcakes.

Monday, October 15, 2007

sometimes i feel like a big whiny baby but i can't always help it

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went and hung out with another couple. I like to do stuff as a couple with other couples because it barely ever happens. My very favorite other couple now lives in El Paso and another couple we had dinner with is very cool but I don't know them very well and feel odd about inviting them over to my place or something at this point. Maybe in another week. And after I finish hardcore cleaning up my apartment.

This particular other couple that we spent time with last weekend presents a unique and awkard situation for me that I don't feel comfortable writing too many details about here. I ended up drinking way too much and then puking even more and that is why I am going to stick to a two drink limit (with three on special occassions, MAYBE) from now on. I always hear about other people getting drunk and being all zany and the life of the party but I just get sick. This was the third time in my life and I really feel like three times is enough to fully learn the lesson.

The thing about the night that has stuck with me the most though through the week was the fact I don't really have any friends in San Antonio besides my boyfriend. K is completely fantastic, but no one can survive with their significant other alone and be healthy. We played video games, drank tequila, and watched part of a kung-fu movie. These are not awful things by any means, but they are not thing I would put on a list of a fun weekend activity. I tried, really hard, to have a good time and be a fun part of the evening but it was difficult. And the thing that was most difficult was that I can't say "Well, that was cool. Next weekend can we go hang out with some of my friends?" I don't have any. Not in San Antonio anyway.

I don't know how to fix it. I feel so unsure of myself these days and there are times when I don't want to talk about those kind of things with my boyfriend. I can talk to my parents because they are fantastic, but sometimes when things are tougher than I would like them to be, I want a good female friend I can go to La Cantera with and walk around while we pretend we are rich and decide what to spend our fake money on. Or go sit at a coffee shop and talk about everything and nothing. Or get cocktails and dessert. Or have a Sex and the City marathon complete with cosmopolitans and pizza rolls.

I don't know how to do this. I met K and started dating him so soon after moving here that I uninentionally skipped over really getting to know the city and meeting a bunch of random people. I don't regret the timeline because K is a really wonderful man and I love him tremendously. I'm just now at a point where I don't know how to spend as much time with him as I would like, still work, go to school and get good grades, and spend time with my family. I feel a little lost and maybe the most difficult piece of that is not even knowing how to find my way again.

I guess that's about it. I haven't had much time to sit and write things for other people to read lately, but I'm working on getting back into the regular posting game. It's time to go put some more hydrocortisone cream on various ant bites. Stupid bugs!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

i have ant bites on my butt

Bugs in Texas suck. They're all bigger than bugs are supposed to be and they all apparently bite. Why would an ant bite you? Obviously you are bigger and a threat to its existance. GO AROUND.

I have ants in my BEDROOM. At first I thought it was because of my neighbors leaving trash outside their door all the time and the fact I get the newspaper delivered. I figured some of those ants crawled into my newspaper bag and then snuck out into my room. But after I vacuumed all those suckers up, later I noticed DIFFERENT ants crawling around. Why in my room, I don't know. I very rarely have food in there and it doesn't really stay in there anyway. Sometimes I have a glass of juice, but the same thing, I take it out. I might have random piles of things everywhere in my apartment but I don't really have garbage lying about. I guess they're looking for water, but they should really hang out in at least the bathroom in that case. Not around and in my bed. I don't ever see them in my bed, but when I wake up with welts on my arms (and now my butt), I figure they've made it up there somehow.

The apartment complex people are coming to spray on Tuesday, so I've got two more nights of vacuuming up little annoying biting bugs before I go to sleep. There's an ant hill right outside one of my windows. I saw a pile of dirt and kicked it just to see what would happen and it was like a horror movie. A million ants swarmed out of it. I was kind of afraid that when I went inside it was going to look like that on my carpet, but luckily it didn't.

Last year around this time, it was a scorpion on my pillow. This year it's ants. I guess the good thing though is that since I live in apartment complex I just call the office and schedule someone to come and spray and that's that. I'm not sure I'm ready to own a house. Pretending I could afford it and whatnot, I still would be a little wary of taking on yardwork and pest control at this point in my life. Right now it seems to be a very fair trade to be annoyed by the mysterious sounds coming from upstairs on occassion to be able to call the office to fix whatever it ailing my home.