Tuesday, July 31, 2007

back home

K and I had an absolutely fantastic weekend. We left after having some lunch on Saturday and checked into the cutest bed and breakfast ever that is about an hour's drive away. Actually, I used half a tank of gas total over the whole weekend. It was just far enough away that we both got to put our lives on pause while we enjoyed eachother and the little town we were in but not so far that it was an overwhelming process to get there or come home. We left this afternoon to come home and were both a little sad to go. K wants to go back for a week or so sometime. I'm completely down with the idea. :)

Some things we did not do:
-get married.
-buy a ton of stuff.
-hole up in our little cottage the whole time.
-spend a ton of money.

Some things we DID do:
-had the two most amazing breakfasts that I do believe I've ever had. And delivered right to our little table and everything!
-walked up and down Main Street, marvelling at how cool some stuff was and how ridiculously hokey other things were.
-went to see the bats emerge from their cave on Saturday night to discover we needed to be there earlier, with binoculars, and some cash to go to the lower observation area.
-went to see the bats emerge on Sunday night with bug repellent, binoculars, and cash and had a terrific time learning about bats, watching them fly out, and being delighted by the abundance of fire flies.
-had one of the best dinners I believe I've ever had. On the all time list of terrific meals and places I want to take everyone I know to now is a place in Texas that includes a 10.5 mile drive down a road that has at least three points that will flood with a hearty downpour. Fried portabello mushrooms with ginger and wasabi ranch and a burger with swiss cheese, bacon, roasted garlic, lettuce, and tomato. I don't even want to eat another burger for awhile because this one was SO GOOD.
-took a bunch of pictures and discovered we are awful at aiming the camera at ourselves and taking a picture.
-bought some souviners. I got some peach preserves and K got this awesome metal poster thing. We'll also be ordering the cookbook from the bed and breakfast later because OMG IT WAS SO DELICIOUS.
-talked a lot about a gazillion different things.
-watched some movies, read a little, curled up with each other a lot.

It was completely great and I am so glad we went. I had a terrific time and it was even better than I had thought it would be. I hope we can go back soon, and I would really love to stay longer next time. It'll happen, I just don't know when. And I have to say, I'm a little sad that I'm back all alone in my apartment tonight. I really love that man. :)

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Friday, July 27, 2007

five reasons i am super stoked about tomorrow

1. I have a whole weekend off from work.
2. K and I are going to a nearby little city and staying in a bed and breakfast.
3. We are super excited about a temporary change of scenary.
4. It will be an excellent time to just hang out as we put the rest of our lives on pause just for a little while.
5. I've never done anything like this before and can't think of anyone I'd rather go away for the weekend with than K.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

wednesday wonders!

My latest list of happy things.

...getting to hang out with my grandmother right here in Texas!
...the babies running around and jumping on my grandmother.
...I have a boyfriend who does not freak out when I have cramps. I have a boyfriend who will make me some toast so I can take some drugs to get rid of the cramps.
...me and said boyfriend are going away for the weekend to a place we've never been and it is going to be a fantastic weekend. I haven't ever done anything like this before and the closer it gets, the more ridiculously excited about it I get. I printed up the little brochure from the b&b so I can look at it every day and smile.
...the timing of our weekend getaway is perfect in several different ways for both of us. Seriously, you'd be amazed if I outlined it all for you.
...I graduated from secretary school a day earlier than everyone else!
...I saw the latest Harry Potter movie and I loved it!
...I finished reading the latest Harry Potter book today and I loved that too! I didn't even stay up all night at all this week. Last night I stayed up a tiny bit extra, but it was only until the clothes were done in the washing machine and ready to be put in the dryer. I want to read the Half Blood Prince again and then read the Deathly Hallows again too though because I already know everything that will happen and will be sure to absorb it all. I'd really like to read ALL of them again, back to back, but I only own the last three. I read all the others while sitting at Barnes and Noble. Heh.
...I like the rain. I know everyone else is getting sick of it, but I really am loving it.
...when I snuck back outside to get my book, I saw three teeny tiny frogs on the sidewalk! It's like I live in a freaking rainforest these days.
...I can watch Conan on a regular basis again.
...my new job is working out nicely in a lot of ways.
...K and I celebrated our anniversary. A little late, but that wasn't really too important for this round. It was a really lovely day, and my uber talented man made me a very sweet card. I took a picture of it so it shows up on my phone when he calls me.
...movie theater popcorn with butter and jalapenos is very good. And probably kind of a very Texan thing to do. But it was delicious.

Monday, July 23, 2007

movie review monday: harry potter and the order of the phoenix

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Young wizard-in-training Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) returns to Hogwarts for his fifth year of studies, only to find that the magical community seems to be in a curious state of denial about his recent encounter with the sinister Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) in the fifth installment of the popular fantasy film series based on the best-selling books by author J.K. Rowling. Rumor has it that the dreaded Lord Voldemort has returned, but Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge (Robert Hardy) isn't so sure what to make of all the hearsay currently floating around the campus of Hogwarts. Suspecting that Headmaster Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) may be fueling the rumors regarding Voldemort's return in order to undermine his authority and lay claim to his job, Fudge entrusts newly arrived Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton) with the task of tracking Dumbledore and keeping a protective watch over the nervous student body. The young wizards of Hogwarts will need something much more effective than Umbridge's Ministry-approved course in defensive magic if they are to truly succeed in the extraordinary battle that lies ahead, however, and when the administration fails to provide the students with the tools that they will need to defend Hogwarts against the fearsome powers of the Dark Arts, Hermione (Emma Watson), Ron (Rupert Grint), and Harry take it upon themselves to recruit a small group of students to form "Dumbledore's Army" in preparation for the ultimate supernatural showdown. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

This movie was fantastic but I think we're at the point in the series where you won't be able to fully enjoy it if you haven't seen or read at least a few of the preceding stories. There's no real character introductions, characters from past story lines have reappeared, and there is no explanation of the background of the relationship between Harry and Voldemort. With that said, don't let it keep you from enjoying the magical world of Harry Potter. Just go rent a movie or two and THEN go see it. That's what me and K did.

I saw the first Harry Potter movie when it came out because I was enthralled with the idea of a children's movie having such a big budget and looking so well made. The special effects were pretty unusual for being used in a kid's story and I thought it was great how it raised the bar for other children's movies. Ever since the first Harry Potter movie, children's movies look completely different from just a few years before that particular release. Then, because I loved the story so much, I read the book. Harry Potter has been a guilty pleasure ever since. I don't think there is a real Hogwarts hidden someplace and I haven't ever dressed up as my favorite character, but I have enjoyed each book and do have a copy of number 7 in my possession now (thanks to my dad's trip to Costco after I realized my preorder from Amazon wasn't due to arrive until this Wednesday at the earliest).

The book, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix is quite long. There are parts of the book that are not really in the movie at all and other pieces that don't carry the same weight on screen as they do in the book. Nevertheless, I felt it was a good representation of the most important parts of the book and I enjoyed it tremendously. The thing that was cool for me was some of my favorite things that happened, such as the room Dumbledore's Army used to practice in, were done beautifully and right up to my imagination's standard. K hasn't read any of the books and he really enjoyed the movie. I think he'd like to go see it again and maybe in the IMAX presentation. That'd be fine with me!

If you're at all familiar with the series, I must ask, why haven't you seen the movie yet? :)

Rating: three of four stars.

Friday, July 20, 2007

five best movies of the summer so far

1. Ocean's 13
2. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
3. Live Free or Die Hard
4. Transformers
5. Spiderman 3

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

my apology post/update/wednesday wonders

Sorry for disappearing this week! I had to switch my work schedule again to accomdate some training. I'm in secretary school this week! It's been a little cheesy but also a little helpful. Except today I kind of wanted to knock myself out with the computer keyboard because it was so tedious to go through all this computer training that I kind of don't particularly need. At least so far. I'm hoping tomorrow will bring some shortcuts and whatnot that will be helpful. If nothing else, at least I know I can go and cover shifts in other areas of the hospital. And also, at least the instructor is nice and funny and I've made some friends in secretary school.

It's not really called secretary school. Mike just used to joke about secretary school a lot and this is pretty close to what he would saracastically say he'd been sent to in order to be able to secretate properly.

Me and K have been watching Harry Potter movies to catch him up in order for us to both properly enjoy the newest release. I think we're going to be able to go see it tomorrow. I'm really hoping because I might just sneak in a viewing myself and go see it with him later too. We'll see. :)

Okay, here's my list of fantastic things popping up in my life to be enjoyed:

...a solid background of training in my job. I had a pretty good start but feel even more confident now.
...new connections within my workplace. I've never had anything against my place of employment, but I am now even more impressed with different opportunities that are available and resources just there for me to take advantage of.
...seeing some Harry Potter with someone who is as delighted by them as I am.
...scrubs that look kind of good! I got tired of trying everything on so I ended up getting a bunch of unisex scrubs in different colors, but they at least are a little more fun to look at and fit a tiny bit better. Eventually I'm totally getting scrubs that I really do look good in.
...nights that include pizza, beer, and a movie.
...the new Burger King by my place is open!
...rice krispy treats.
...knowing that this is a much better WW week than the last two have been, even before going to weigh in at a meeting. A girl can just tell sometimes.
...making new friends that will definitely be work email buddies if not people to actually hang out with later.
...my flowers are still blooming from last week. :)
...today I was at Starbucks talking to K and a regular customer came in and was talking to me while K was grinding coffee and stuff. We talked about random stuff, including me and K going to the movies and she handed me a chunk of change and said to have a good time on her. How freaking awesome is that?!
...the woman with the slight Irish accent randomly saying "Get in my belly!" and then being amused that we all laughed so hard. Oh, Austin Powers movies, you are truly hysterical.
...I don't know if I've ever mentioned this site before, but it is seriously fantastic: www.mightygoods.com
...seeing a preview of The Simpsons movie. Mmm, Simpsons...
...seeing so many movies in general lately.
...even though I've had to be at work in the morning, I did not have to get up at 5:30 am a single day this week. I think it's valuable to know that having to be someplace at 8 or 8:30 am is not torture. But I'm still stoked about my evenings schedule.
...one of K's coworkers who aspires to own his own restaurant had a fish fry over the weekend. The fish was great, but his homemade tarter sauce is amazing. By amazing, I mean usually I only kind of like tarter sauce, but with this guy's, I'd dip pretty much anything in it just to eat more tarter sauce without being too weird. But I suppose THAT is pretty weird.
...my hair is thick and curly and crazy and pulls back into a kickass ponytail. I still want to get it cut, but I am enjoying it a lot these days.
...daydreaming while it's raining.
...curling up with my boyfriend when there's crazy Texan thunder and lightening so loud and bright that I thought the sky might actually break open.
...reading this headline: Space vacation prices rise astronomically. Um, duh?
...reruns of Friends.
...the first four new episodes of The Office will be an hour long!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

five fun things that happened this week

1. An issue of Glamour arrived in the mail. Tina had told me she was getting me a subscription but I thought maybe I was reading it wrong, but nope! She is one of my best good friends who maintains contact even when I forget to write back for ages and ages. Or do stuff like have a letter started that's in my bag just waiting to be finished.

2. K surprised me with flowers and a really sweet note! Flowers are fantastic. I don't even care what kind they are, they are always a delight. Plus, the whole thing from K was very thoughtful and adorable and I basically just have a fabulous boyfriend.

3. It was my first week by myself with my new position and new schedule and it went really well. It's a different kind of stress from my last job and I like it a lot better. I have a much better feel for the department and the position at this point in the game than I did for the last one and that is a hearty sense of relief. Yay for me!

4. K took me out to lunch every day this week. Not to like super fance restaurants or anything every day, but I saw him every single day before work and almost every day after work too. I really love that man.

5. I set up the big part of my mini vacation! A bed and breakfast is all booked with an email confirmation recieved and everything. I am so excited! I think it's going to be exactly what I need and that I will have a great time taking in some new scenary. Two weeks!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

wednesday wonders

Mmm, happy things...

...spending gobs and gobs of time with K this week.
...switching my work schedule! I <3 not getting up early!
...going to the movies.
...Jim's restaurant. The BLT is my favorite thing. Not that I've had a lot of stuff there, but that item is particularly delicious.
...not having to worry about my boyfriend thinking I'm crazy. Ever. Even when I'm exasperating him.
...Becker Vineyard's wine. I forget what it's called exactly but it's delicious and available at HEB which is a lovely plus.
...my new to me Palm Treo. I killed my phone in typical Melissa fashion and my dad just got a new one, so he let me have his old one. It's a rather enjoyable piece of technology. I don't know that I'd get a new one, but I like it a lot more than I thought I would.
...I get to book a bed and breakfast for a couple of nights soon!
...K and I are tossing about plans of how to celebrate our anniversary and it is way fun to come up with ideas. Nevermind that our anniversary was in May. :)
...movie theater popcorn with a ridiculous amount of butter and some jalapenos. Next time, if I'm not sharing, I might just put the jalapenos right in the bag of popcorn. That's how I know I live in Texas.
...one of the people I work with told me she really liked AND appreciated my disposition.
...when we saw Transformers (the second time for me and K), K's sister became so invested in the movie, she kind of was hoping her car would transform when she used the remote to unlock it.
...having more sleep in my life.
...daydreaming about school and doing fantastic things with various careers.
...my nails grow quickly and strongly. Even though I keep them pretty short, I appreciate how nice they CAN be.
...public libraries.
...exploring the hospital when no one I know is admitted.
...getting a regular paycheck.
...this blog post from Best Week Ever.
...my awesome blender with the base so heavy you could protect yourself from a kitchen invader with it by swinging it at their head.
...chocolate covered peanut clusters. The only thing that would be better is if there was caramel included. Is that a turtle?
...a gift subscription to Glamour from Tina! She freaking rules! K is quite happy as well (but probably won't admit it) as he likes to flip through my girly magazines.
...I have a tape of two episodes of The Closer I haven't seen yet. I should have watched it already, but knowing it's there ready for me to enjoy makes me happy.
...100% cranberry juice.
...this new light orange juice from Tropicana. It has Weight Watchers points on it and it tastes like you stuck a straw in an orange. Even more so than the regular Tropicana orange juice!
...iced non fat caramel machiattos. Mmm...
...leftovers in my fridge!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

just you know, random crap

I'm home from my first day on my own and with my new schedule at work and I have to say, I am a fan. The training was difficult but mostly because the person training me has worked at the hospital for 29 years and in this job for 10 years. She doesn't have to think about what she does at all, so she wasn't very good at explaining it. Fortuantely I caught on to what she was doing, took a lot of notes, and asked a lot of questions and the mistakes I made tonight were very small ones that I will probably avoid in the future. I like the people, I like what I do, and I like the schedule. The only thing is next week I will be doing some other training that takes place on the traditional 8 am to 5 pm schedule. I am ridiculously not excited about it, but it's only a week and will be super easy because I've already learned how to do all the stuff they are probably going to show me. Tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be heading over to the community college to find out about some stuff for the fall. Wish me luck on it all!

Monday, July 9, 2007

movie review monday: transformers the movie

Transformers: The Movie

The interstellar battle between the Autobots and Decepticons rains destruction down on planet Earth as director Michael Bay adapts Hasbro and Takara's popular Transformers franchise into a big-budget, live-action summer tentpole extravaganza in this ambitious sci-fi action feature starring Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson, Bernie Mac, John Turturro, John Voight, and, of course, Optimus Prime and Megatron. Long ago, on the planet of Cybertron, a massive, powerful alien race divided into two factions, the noble Autobots, and the devious Deceptacons. They fought for the sole access to a talisman known as the Allspark, a cube with the capacity to grant infinite power, and eventually the Autobots smuggled it off the planet's surface, hiding it in an unknown location on Earth. Now, hundreds of years later, the Deceptacons have come looking for it, and if the Autobots don't find it first, the Earth will be enslaved or destroyed by the evil aliens' use of its massive power. The Autobots don't know where the cube was hidden, but the information may be stored in the most unlikely of sources, as a gangly young earthling named Sam Witwicky (LaBeouf) who's just picked up his first car, has a strange connection to the Allspark's history, making him the unlikely ally of these enormous creatures, as they fight for mankind's survival and the chance to return home. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

This movie was released on Wednesday and I've already seen it twice in the theater. That, ladies and gentlemen, is because my boyfriend LOVES Transformers. When we were first dating, he was quite dismayed to find out I couldn't remember seeing the original animated movie as a child. It's one of the first movies he remembers going to see in the theater. I was too young. He's two years older, and with things like pop culture, the age difference really comes to light. Heh. Anyway, he brought it over and we watched it in it's eighties music animated glory. When it ended, I wanted to make out for awhile and he wanted to talk about how awesome Transformers are. For at least an hour.

My mom called me last week, sure I already knew the theaters in San Antonio were doing a preview screening and we could buy tickets online to see the movie on Monday instead of waiting until Wednesday. I did, we went, and it was great. All the showings in Monday ended up being sold out and it's always more fun to see a movie like that with a theater of people who really want to be there. Me and K took his sister this weekend for her birthday. She couldn't make it on Monday. I think K would go see it again every day this week if he could.

The movie is worth about 80% of the hype. The robots are truly impressive and it's very cool seeing them transform. The original voice of Optimus Prime is there even though they use a different car for Bumblebee than they did in the original series. Shia LeBouff did a great job. There's a lot of buzz about that actor right now and I see why. It will be interesting to see him continue on to do different films. The story line was good but it took a pretty long time to get everything set up. There is a big battle where it is a little hard to keep all the robots straight. When I saw it the second time, it was much easier to tell them apart and also understand what they were all saying.

So basically, if you remember Transfomers as a child, go and see the movie. It's entertaining and action packed. If you are looking for a summer blockbuster kind of movie though, I'd reccomend Live Free or Die Hard over Transformers. It was a bit more intelligent and just generally more my kind of movie. Don't tell K though. :)

Rating: 3 of 4 stars

Friday, July 6, 2007

five things that annoy me kind of a lot

I try to be even keel as much as possible and may not ever tell someone something they are doing drives me crazy, but here's some irksome occurrences for general knowledge. Heh.

1. Listening to people eat. Please, chew with your mouth closed. When at the movies, there is no need to make one kernel of popcorn into four nibbles. Just put it in your mouth, close, chew, and enjoy. Gum smackers are in a special category because at least with food, you eventually swallow. It all makes me just tense up but I try really hard to not let it show because I realize it's one of those things that is kind of ridiculous.

2.When people who talk to themselves out loud consistantly through the day but then expect me to know that this time the question asked aloud was actually directed at me. You talk to yourself, whatever, I don't care. But if you have a question for me or a statement or whatever, feel free to go ahead and actually address me first so we both know I'm supposed to be paying attention.

3. When people make statements when they are really asking a question or they ask a question when they really are making a statement. Good heavens, just tell me what you need to say! Don't make a game out of it and if you do, don't get annoyed or call me a smartass when I respond to what you actually SAID, not what you MEANT. Also, if you have a question, please just ask. Don't hint around it hoping I will just give up whatever information you want. Sometimes I just don't know that's what you're doing. I'm going to be honest though, sometimes I know exactly what you're doing and I simply ignore it because I think it's kind of a childish thing to do.

4. Don't make up words for things and expect me to know what you're talking about. Don't say "Can you hand me a thingie?" and be annoyed when I have no idea what you are asking for. Please, use your words. My niece and my nephew can do it, I bet you can too.

5. Backseat drivers. I realize that you are watching the cars and whatnot when I'm making a left turn out of a driveway and that's your right, but when you are looking back and forth to see when there will be a clear spot as if you were the one driving, chances are your head is exactly in my way. Calm down. Next time, volunteer to drive. I'll totally take you up on it. In the meantime, please pretend like you trust me enough to drive my truck.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

happy fourth of july!

I hope everyone had a good one. I got the day off at the last minute when my department director decided it would be okay for us to close. I spent the afternoon with my family and then got to have a late dinner with my boyfriend. When we came outside of the restaurant, we managed to catch some fireworks. It was a lovely way to spend the day. But anyway, here's my late list of fantastic things I've been thinking about!

...cans of diet Dr. Pepper.
...a new job that is going well.
...the thought of flipping my schedule and not having to wake up around 5:30 am all the freaking time anymore!
...my niece and her love of playing with my hair. Sometimes she wants her hair to be curly like mine and sometimes she wants mine to be straight like hers. That's fine, I have felt the same way periodically through my life.
...hearing stories about K from when he was a little tiny kind from his mom and sister.
...K's sister's homemade sangria. Mmmmm, fruity and delicious alcohol.
...the cricket in my truck not making anymore noise. Although that may mean I find a dried out cricket in my truck soon which will not make the list of Wednesday wonders.
...I've lost 10 pounds! That's a nice little chunk of weight! Heh, literally!
...my parents got iPhones and my dad was interviewed while he was in line by the local news. I'm jealous, but also aware that I do not need that much gadgetry in my pocket at the same time at this point in my life.
...Me and K went to the movies two days in a row! (Live Free or Die Hard and Transformers)
...Harry Potter is almost here! The book AND the movie!
...a new shoulder/messenger-ish bag for work.
...plans for school.
...having a WW-BFF.
...making plans to have a very small vacation with K in July. I am really looking forward to it.
...my grandmother is coming out to visit!
...I know myself very well. It kind of freaks people out sometimes, but I am so glad I know how I'm reacting to things and how to work with my natural inclinations to make it easier to be in whate situations I'm facing. I think that's really valuable.
...I realized I put some things in my life on hold and am working on ways to hit play again.
...reading lots of books lately!
...reading with my boyfriend!
...my nephew has the sweetest heart.
...friends with blogs.
...my mom letting me play with her phone even though she knows that I'm going to do something like change the name I'm under (ie "Melissa is Awesome").
...watching movies.
...chocolate covered gummy bears.
...a case of citrus green tea from my parents.
...K deciding to keep some appliances at my apartment. That means I now have a waffle iron and french press at my disposal. There's rumors of a pannini maker too!
...acid reflux medicine that works wonders.
...strong fingernails.
...sleep. Mmm, sleep.

Monday, July 2, 2007

movie review monday: live free or die hard

Live Free or Die Hard

An old-fashioned cop emerges to foil a hi-tech attack on the country's computer infrastructure as Bruce Willis brings back one of the biggest action franchises in screen history. It's been over a decade since audiences last saw with New York cop John McClane (Willis), but now, as the world's greatest criminal mastermind (Timothy Olyphant) attempts to cripple the entire country with an innovative act of technological terrorism, only one cop can insure that the integrity of the system stays in tact. In this, the fourth installment of the long-running action series, Underworld director Len Wiseman picks up the torch formerly carried by directors John McTiernan and Renny Harlin to helm a script penned by Mark Bomback. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

With a title like that and Bruce Willis in the lead role, you have to know going in that it's going to be a kickass movie. It just can't help itself. I'd only seen the first one, and although I have two more in my apartment right now, K decided that our Sunday afternoon activity should be going to see Live Free or Die Hard.

I loved it.

This one is rated PG-13, so there is no gratutitous sex or language. Obviously there is plenty of explosions, chases, fights, and dying, but none of it was excessively gruesome. And the trademark phrase includes the f word, but don't worry, they found a way to fit it in anyway.

The story was great. Creepy because it doesn't seem far off from really happening. It's been done before, and basically in several of my favorite movies. Hackers gain control of very important pieces of our country and use them for their own ill gain. John McClain is around on accident and because he is who he is, he goes after the bad guys with gusto to make sure it gets done right. The guy from the Apple commercials is along for the ride, and John's daughter Lucy shows that as much as she has pushed her dad away from her life, she is just like him. Her scenes were some of my favorites.

The special effects are fantastic and Bruce Willis shows he's got what it takes to make kickass movies to continue the series started around twenty years ago. I would really like to see the other Die Hard movies and then go back to see this one again. I caught one reference to the first one so I figure there's got to be little tie ins to the others as well. K couldn't really remember because he hasn't seen them in so long.

I only like action movies if there is a hearty story in the midst of all the explosions and guns, and this one forcibly delivers. Go see it. It's summer blockbuster time after all!

Rating: 3 of 4 stars.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Weight Watchers: Week 6 (sorry it's late!)

Week 6's weigh in brought me another star sticker because I have now lost a total of 10 pounds! That's a respectable amount of weight to lose! I notice it, but am still at the point where I don't expect anyone else to. My jeans fit better and I still see it the most in my face and my wrists. Ten pounds. That's a bag of potatoes from the grocery store or two bullets of espresso at Starbucks. It's how much I weighed when I was born, but most babies aren't really that big. I'm pretty proud of myself.

This week was actually kind of a lousy one as far as being on program too, but I still lost a pound so that is fantastic. That tells me I have made permanent changes that are in effect even though lousy weeks where I'm not paying as much attention as I really should. I started a new job and kept the old one as a part time thing. I was also sick and that killed my appetite and gave me some quality time in the bathroom, both at work and at home. Ew, gross.

The new job will present some new challenges. It is sometimes overwhelming for me to be in new situations because I have to force myself to be much more extroverted than I feel like being while also learning a new set of tasks and whatnot. The easiest thing to do is take a quick break and grab a soda or a snack to have some reason to be gone for ten minutes to regroup. Also, the nurses I work with have twelve hour shifts and are used to sneaking in meals and snacks wherever they can, which means for about a two hour period there is someone eating. It's fun to see what other people bring to work and they are all super nice and offer tastes of most everything.

I've been going in and training for eight hours, and then going downstairs to my old job for two or three hours before going home. It was a series of long days and again, the copout is to grab a snack. I don't think snacking is bad at all as long as you are aware of what you are eating and how much of it you've consumed. That is something I love about Weight Watchers. You can eat whatever you want and drink whatever you want, you just keep track of the points and adjust the rest of your day accordingly. I mostly drink diet Dr. Pepper these days when I want a soda, but sometimes nothing but a regular fully loaded Pepsi will do. It's no problem, as long as I jot it down.

At the meeting, I bought some Weight Watchers snack stuff to take with me to work to help me have things already in my bag that are better for me than walking to the vending machine. I also got some smoothie mixes to try for breakfast and some frozen fruit to blend into it. I want to be better about following the eight healthy guidelines every day, because the days I do leave me feeling much more satisfied than the days where I simply stay within the point guidelines.

So this week, I would like to lose two pounds. From my belly, but from anywhere is really fine. :)

-I will get back to walking up and down the stairs this week.
-I will continue with the water drinking.
-I will plan out snack foods and meals better this week than I did last week.
-I will try to include all 8 of the guidelines every day (water, mulitvitamin, fruits and vegetables, protien, whole grains, dairy, limit sweets and alcohol, and include healthy oil).

I'm really pleased with my progress and my results so far. It's slow going, but it's been steady. It took awhile to pack all the pounds on, and taking awhile to shed them only means they will stay away longer. Yay for Melissa!