Wednesday, June 22, 2011

humpday happiness!

A small list of things making me happy... friends who are awesome mamas with kids my kid get along with!
...VIA from Starbucks. I wish I could get an endorsement deal. I can make one cup of amazing coffee in 90 seconds. I LOVE IT.
...the way my husband comes home and kisses me straight away and then kisses S. Best part of my day.
...S scrunches up his nose when he smiles now!
...perfecting my world famous blueberry muffins.
...oatmeal and coffee for breakfast and they way it cleans everything right out!
...talking about poop randomly and probably inappropriately. cousin is having a baby!
...we are going to California in August!
...the #sexyback11 challenge.
...sun tea.
...getting to spend Father's Day with my husband and my dad. Both great fathers! appointment for an eyebrow wax, a hair cut, and a massage on SATURDAY!
...encouraging emails.
...KOVE is playing a bunch of new songs that are really good.
...K getting excited about hearing a song on KLOVE that we sang at church earlier that day.
...figuring out how to get all the music I've ever purchase on iTunes onto my phone!
...making faces with S. He tries to do it back but even better, his laugh is infectious and adorable.
...doing all the Band of Mothers social media stuff.
...sparkling water!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

#sexyback11: I'm bringing sexy back

So there's this blog I follow off and on, called Ragamuffin Soul. Forever ago, I vaguely knew Carlos and his wife because I went to Sandals church and our paths crossed here and there. It was ages ago and I wouldn't expect either of them to remember me, but that's how I started following Carlos' blog. He has really set up a little community on the web and it's really cool. I don't participate much but read and enjoy the links and videos and whatnot. Good times online yo.

He and this other guy, Grant, decided they wanted to be in better shape so they started this challenge called I’m Bringing... Sexy Back It’s Summer And I Can Take My Shirt Off In Public Program. They asked if anyone wanted to join them in trying to be healthier this summer and over 200 people said they wanted in. So I'm part of this Twitter list of people who have set measurable goals and are tweeting, facebooking, and/or blogging about how they are making changes to get to that measurable goal by Labor Day. 

My measurable goal is to lose 20 pounds. It's kind of a lot but I think if I bust my booty, I can do it. I plan on making changes in what I eat and drink and also getting more active. First of all, I want to look awesome. I do not look awesome right now. I look like a person and a half shoved in one body. I lost 60 pounds last year and then gained back 20 and I definitely have a good 100 to go. So, 20 pounds this summer. Secondly, I am in charge of this little guy who doesn't know anything about anything and I really want him to grow up thinking eating healthy meals with tons of fruits and vegetables and being active on a daily basis is just completely normal. If I make these changes now for myself and for K, then S really will grow up like this. Thirdly, I really need to be more responsible with the things God has given me. I've been thinking about this in regards to finances, but this line of thinking really applies to a lot of things I will probably write about in the next month or so. I want to have more babies and it sure would be a lot easier if I didn't have to do the regular OB appointments plus the Perinatologist appointments. There's no guarantee that losing a bunch of weight will make that happen but it certainly would make the next pregnancy easier to start out at a healthier point! It would make finding cute maternity clothes a lot more fun!

So, 20 pounds by Labor Day. I can do this!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

humpday happiness!

Some things making me happy...

....Band of Mothers stuff. The phone calls, the emails, the facebook, the twitter... It's really hectic sometimes but I really love it all.
...finally scheduling my appointment for a hair cut, eye brow wax, and massage that my sister bought for me a year ago!
...S looks like a little boy now, not so much a little baby!
...peer pressure, especially from my church, to be a better person in a few different ways. husband who loves me inside and out.
...having gone on a fabulous double date!
...trying out new low or no calorie drinks and actually liking them.
...being soda free for six days. Sigh.... :)
...reading. mom picking S up once a week and taking him home with her so she and my dad can love on him like crazy.
...really fun plans this weekend!
...a clean house.
...a front yard that is looking pretty good!
...Geico commercials.
...Twitter. showers with good smelling shampoo and body wash.
...sun tea.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

humpday happiness!

A small list of things making me happy...

...reconnecting with people on Facebook! Again!
...making new friends.
...S is starting to feel better, I think!
...found a Target gift card with just under $50 on it!
...clean clothes and sheets.
...a brand new mop. husband's beard.
...two whole days of no soda!
...honey mustard. The Paul Newman low fat dressing is awesome, but I just like honey mustard in general.
...the way S gets super excited when you ask him questions.
...emails and phone calls and texts for Band of Mothers stuff.
...reading again! Real grown up books! husband is drawing again!
...Twitter. (@meljamc, yo)
...looking at wedding pictures. It's better if I actually know the people but wedding pictures in general make me happy!
...making S laugh hysterically by doing something really random. and pink together
...a double date coming up on Friday!
...slowly but surely getting used to the summer heat that has decided to burst on the scene.
...sparking water. Ye-ah.
...really enjoying living in San Antonio.

i'll find strength in pain and i will change my ways

I wanted a chocolate milkshake and a strawberry pie from Whataburger when I was on my way home tonight but I did not get either. On purpose, not just because.

I was hungry just now so I made a salad with tomatoes and some sliced almonds and some chicken and lowfat dressing.

I am really trying to give up soda completely and have made it two days so far. Which isn't a lot but you have to start small for it to add up to something eventually!

Some of the people I've met recently get together and do these insane workouts from Crossfit. And it's maybe kind of silly but I really want to do it too. But these workouts are seriously crazy and I am no where near fit. So, for now I'm trying to make better choices, give up soda, and do a lot of walking. And eventually I will get up the courage to ask if there's a way to modify some of those workouts for someone who wants to be a badass but needs some training wheels to get there!