Saturday, January 1, 2011

should old acquaintance be forgot?

Happy New Year!

I actually got to do almost exactly what I wanted to do this New Year's Eve. Everyone in my house was still a little sick, so we opted to skip any gathering and stay at home. Ki and I had a bottle of sparkling wine at midnight and since we miraculously had gotten S to sleep before midnight as well, we went outside and watched all the fireworks we could see from our porch before we got too cold and went back inside. S ended up waking up awhile later and then refusing to go right back to sleep but it was okay. Ki and I stayed up together with him and then talked way too late after he did finally go to sleep. It was nice to just be the three of us for a holiday gathering.

I love our families and I love that we have so many relatives that live right here in San Antonio. We're definitely blessed and I'm so excited that S gets to grow up with grandparents right here! He will most likely have a lovely cheering section at any event he participates in as he gets older. I got a little overwhelmed with all the holiday gatherings this year for some reason. I think that next year we will be able to strike a better balance between upholding my traditions, Ki's traditions, and creating our own traditions with S. Sometimes you have to do things the hard way before you see how you can do it a lot easier.

I think it's going to be a good year. We're really starting to get this three member family thing down and Ki and I are such a good team. I'm glad the shiny-ness of our marriage hasn't worn off yet. I suppose it will at some point, but for now, I still get a little thrill every time I hear him call me his wife or when I get to introduce him as my husband.

I have some resolutions, but I want to think about them a little more before I write about them here. But one is to definitely write more here. So, yay? :)