Wednesday, February 28, 2007

wednesday wonders is my nephew's second birthday! is my half birthday! mom and dad had this cool idea of having a road trip wedding. I don't know how plausible it really is, but I never would have thought of anything like that, so kudos to them. mom and dad halfway expect me and K to announce we've gotten married every time we see them. I think this is hilarious. iPod is STILL working!
...iced venti 4 pump vanilla 1 pump mocha soy lattes.
...iced with classic green tea lemonades. strawberry banana juice, even if it isn't pink.
...having a boyfriend who asks me what I'm doing about various dreams and goals I've mentioned.
...the dixie chicks.
...winning a giftcard to Chik-Fil-A. K has one too from awhile back. We can go there on a date and it will be practically free! apartment is still wonderfully clean!
...a new set of retractable pens with various colors of ink. I need them for work and it makes me happy to have florescent green in a clicky pen. at Target.
...a brand new journal that I will actually write in without feeling like I'm ruining or wasting.
...cold medicine unclogging my sinuses.
...Pepsi and bottled water.
...text messaging.

i'm a list kind of mood this week it seems

Intereting news stories of late:

Study Sees Rise in Narcissism Among Students
I heard about this on NPR yesterday and then saw a longer article on and I laughed heartily. This has been a discussion in several of my psychology classes, the whole "self-esteem" thing. I thought it was a bunch of crap as a kid, but I figured that's because it didn't explode onto the scene until I was in about sixth or seventh grade. Everyone knew that there was winners and losers in sports and whatnot, and it didn't necessarily make you a worse person to come in second or to try really hard and not even place at all. But then suddenly everyone was getting participation ribbons or trophies and being told they were special. Well, surprise surprise, the kids who have grown up with that since preschool believed it and are using MySpace and YouTube to express how awesome they believe they are. I just think that's what you get when you perpetuate a theory of behavior as fact and no one bothers to research it a little more before changing all ciriculum nationwide so three year olds are singing songs about how special they are. My niece is three, she already knows she's special and really, if EVERYONE is telling her this, she's going to grow up to be quite the diva instead of growing out of it in a few years.

It's not that I don't think everyone is a unique and beautiful snowflake as much as I think we need to learn early on that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but either way it's always worth the effort.

Al Gore's electricity bill
Alright, here's the thing. The man is flying aroung the world giving his presentation, and I don't think he's doing it on Southwest. It doesn't bother me that his mansion uses more electricty than my place of residence. I fairly implicity trust that he's cut down and made changes in a variety of areas of his life and I think it's retarded to make a big deal about his electricity bill. Our country isn't set up to live green in easily, and maybe we should focus on that. I hope that Hillary Clinton wins just because I feel confident she will put Al Gore in some position of power where he will be able to jump start our economy by both mandating change and allowing for opportunity for a variety of companies to make serious money after making serious developments.

Trading babies for cars
This is simply ridiculous and I wanted to share.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

some realizations in blurb format is an awesome site, but sometimes I kind of miss clicking through my bookmarked list of blogs and seeing if there's anything new. I am so weird.
...Starbucks is just a job that I show up to and clock in, do a decent job while I'm there, and then go home. But today at the "pep rally" I couldn't help myself from being a star barista. Maybe because my new store manager was there, but mostly because I'm a nerd. But I did get a Chik-Fil-A gift card out of it, so that's awesome. I've only eaten there once.
...I have no idea what the ways in which I drive K crazy are, but evidently there are a few things I do that drive him up the wall. It's not that I thought I never grated on his nerves, I just realized today that I have no idea what it is I do that bugs him. Maybe we should talk about it. I'll have to have another realization of how to actually do that later.
...I AM SICK OF YEAST INFECTIONS. This is not a new revelation, but it's at the point where now even K thinks it is completely ridiculous and he obviously has never had a yeast infection and I've never gone into great detail because that's just gross.
...I need to change my hair. Probably cut a few inches off, layer it up, and dye it. Maybe just dye it back to the same color as the roots and let it grow for awhile. I don't know. But it's kind of just annoying me right now.
...K knows me a lot better than I probably give him credit for. It just kind of sneaks up on me sometimes.
...Living on the first floor definitely has disadvantages. Mostly brought on by having elephants for upstairs neighbors. At least I'm never home all day to enjoy the stomping.
...Everywhere I look, people are having babies. I'm not and it's not something I want right now, but seriously, what is the deail with all the pregnant bellies? How come it's so everywhere all of the sudden, is that just me?
...My mom said this the other day and it's absolutely true: My niece has a flair for drama, but my nephew is a thespian. He will be two tomorrow and he can transform his face into a scowl on command. He also likes to pretend sleep, with his eyes open and head tilted and fakes a snore. He can keep a straight face longer than I can. He is becoming one of my all time favorite people.
...the brains of guys and girls are wired differently. Not a shocking revelation, but sometimes I forget and then am reminded. It's not bad, just something to remember.

Monday, February 26, 2007

movie review monday: wimbledon


Full Synopsis:
Directed by Richard Loncraine, Wimbledon follows the plight of aspiring tennis-star Peter Colt (Paul Bettany), whose bad luck seems to manifest itself just about everywhere. Professionally, Peter is near the very bottom of the world tennis ranks, and personally, he can't find love despite his best efforts to do so. In a rare turn of events, however, Peter is chosen as a wildcard to play at Wimbledon, the tennis world's most prestigious competition. While there, he meets American tennis ingénue Lizzie Bradbury (Kirsten Dunst), and his confidence on the court and off improves tenfold as he falls further in love with her. Driven by his newfound luck, Peter climbs to the top of the tournament players at record speed, until he actually has a fighting chance of winning the men's singles title -- the question is whether or not his good fortune will hold out long enough for him to get the trophy. ~ Tracie Cooper, All Movie Guide

This was just a random movie I was vaguely interested in seeing awhile back. I rented it because whenever I take the Blockbuster Online envelopes into the store, it feels like I'm getting free movies. Also, I was by myself and was going to watch it by myself. I am really lucky that I have a boyfriend who doesn't mind watching super sappy movies with me, but I only kind of like them myself anyway, so I try to keep them to a minimum when we're going to watch something together. It's fairly ridiculous, I know, because I have no problem watching Kung Fu movies or whatnot (but only one per sitting, no action or Kung Fu movie marathons for me).

Anyway though, it was a really well done sportsy chick flick-ish kind of movie. There were some very cool film techniques and the story line was good. It does get a little sappy, but all in all, not a bad way to spend part of your evening. I'm not that into tennis, but it seems like a pretty cool sport actually. I've always liked that it's such a mental sport too. It's definitely hardcore physical, but one of the things the movie did was express what Peter was thinking as he was about to serve. It was cool because although I understand what it is to have a gazillion thoughts running through my head at once, I haven't ever seen it well portrayed in a movie. Until now, that is. Heh.

And for the record, K would have liked it. He wouldn't have bought it later to keep in his collection, but that's cool because neither will I.

Rating: 2 of 4 stars.

Friday, February 23, 2007

it's friday five time!

Five Oscar Winners I Am (Perhaps Foolishly) Hoping For

1. Best Picture: Little Miss Sunshine.
It's such a long shot, but I LOVED this movie. Abigail Breslin and Steve Carrel are fabulous and I loved this storyline. The movie isn't necessarily for everyone, but I think the big theme was when you're family, you stick together regardless of tough, awkward, or bizarre situations, and THAT is for everyone.

2. Best Actress: Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada
Omg, she did a fabulous job bringing this character to life! I loved that she never once yelled during the entire movie, but everyone was scared of her. It is truly a testament to her abilities to bring such a phenomenal performance to a movie that was great but wasn't ever going to be on anyone's classics list.

3. Best Supporting Actress: Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine.
I just love this kid because she's a great actress but she seems like a real kid without the creepy precociousness of Dakota Fanning.

4. Best Foriegn Language Film: Pan's Labrynth.
This movie blew me away. Not as much as Apocalypto, but it was still fantastic. I want everyone to see it so I can ask them what they think of the end because I have two theories and I don't know which one is better. The mark of a truly good foriegn film is getting so lost in the story that you forget you're reading along. This definitely happens with Pan's Labrynth. I wish I had that good of an imagination, to come up with the visuals for a story like that and share them with everyone else.

5. Best Supporting Actor: Mark Wahlberg in The Departed.
I had absolutely no interest in seeing this movie, but it was K's birthday celebration so there you go. It was really suprisingly good, and Mark Wahlberg's character was my favorite. He was so angry and it was fantastic! I don't know if Leonardo DiCaprio is really best actor material from this movie, but kudos for the nomination. I really do hope Mark Wahlberg wins though.

We'll see what happens!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

mmmm, that's the smell of clean

I cleaned my apartment today. I started in the bathroom and moved my way out. You can't tell exactly when you first open the door, because the two projects I left for another day (hopefully this weekend) are my cd and movie racks and my desk are in plain view. But if you keep walking and go to my room, you'll see everything has been picked up and put away, dusted, curatins (including blackout drapes) have been hung, and even new framed items are on the walls. In the bathroom, the stains that I inherited in the bathtub when I moved in are heavily lightenend (maybe gone on the next round), different stuff is on the wall that actually makes it look I have a decorating theme in there. Everything is beautiful! In the kitchen, I moved some things around in cabinets so I could put some stuff away and clear up some counter space. I cleaned my table and did all the dishes. I hung some stuff up in there too. I took out the spill guards from the burners on the stove and cleaned those as best I could until it was just hurting my fingers too much be scrubbing that hard. They look TONS better, but I should go back to that as well.

Basically, now when you walk into my apartment, it looks like I LIVE here. I don't know why it took my so long to make that happen, but regardless, it looks great. I have six months left on my current lease and I really have no idea what my plans are when August comes around. Until then though, this is my home and it should look and feel like it.

After I was done with my cleaning extravaganza, I drove down to Barnes and Noble and picked up a new journal that I know I will actually write in. K got me this awesome journal for my birthday. I kind of started writing in it, but I haven't been able to keep up with it. It's intimidating. It's a journal a grown-up would buy and use because they had some idea of what to write in it. It's a Moleskin and it's unlined. That's the other thing that is throwing me. I used to LOVE unlined journals but I haven't been able to get back into writing in them for the past few years. I have no idea why. Also, the day after my birthday when I was still hungover (and this was my first real hangover and it was a doozy, let me tell you--I still haven't been able to have more than two drinks in a bar since then), K almost broke up with me. I can't help it, I think of how my heart cracked every time I pick up that journal even though obviously things worked out. But the point is, I have a new one that is boring and unintimdating and already has more written in it than the other one.


I went to Johnny Carino's and sat and ate dinner and wrote. Don't be decived, it was a side salad and an appetizer, but it was a delicious treat. I haven't taken myself out for something in quite some time. I like to go during unpeak times so it's not a big deal that I have a table by myself and I always tip well. Unless the waiter says stuff like "Oh, you couldn't get anyone to come with you? How sad!" (true story, happened in SoCal). I had a good time and got some thoughts that were pounding through my head down on paper and that's just really good for everyone.

So today was awesome. :)

wednesday wonders

tidbits of happiness...

...compliments on my blog. awesome set of Starbucks tumblers that don't even sweat that much.
...good music. niece thinking it is HILARIOUS when I tell her that her grandma is my mommy.
...tortellini soup. nephew talking in third person. He misprounces his name in the cutest way possible.
...syndicated television.
...sushi with my boyfriend, my boyfriend's sister, and another friend I haven't seen in a good four months.
...having a dream about a Sex and the City movie and then waking up and reading an article about how the SATC movie is back on!
...a gift subscription to Cosmo from my awesome CA friend who's name starts with a K.
...the fact that my three friends who I talk to the most names all start with K.
...thinking about getting my hair drastically cut.
...the smell of fabric softner.
...100% cranberry juice.
...AZO Yeast tablets. No more yogurt AND no more yeast infections! iPod is STILL working.
...bagel sandwiches.
...Ricky Bobby praying to the Baby Jesus because he likes that version of Jesus the best. sheets! I still have to wash them and put them on my bed, but I got new sheets!
...text messages on the overnight shifts on the weekends. Friday and Saturday night, text me! It'll be fun! products.
...moving my "organized piles" to a small table rather than taking up the whole kitchen table.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

fun fact

A cup of Mug Rootbeer and a little bag of mini vanilla sandwich cookies is a delightful thing to have in the afternoons.

Monday, February 19, 2007

movie review monday: flyboys


As World War I rages in Europe and Allied forces in France, Italy, and England find their resolve quickly diminishing due to the overwhelming force of the German juggernaut, a handful of brave American soldiers volunteer to join their French counterparts in learning to fly and fighting for freedom from above as the true story of the legendary Lafayette Escadrille comes to the screen in a breathtaking war adventure from Academy Award-winning director Tony Bill and famed producer Dean Devlin. They have come from all over the United States, ready and willing to put their lives on the line despite their country's initial pledge to not get involved with the all-consuming war that rages throughout Europe. Few could have foreseen the challenges faced by the world's first fighter pilots, however, and upon arriving at their aerodrome in France, the aspiring aviators are assigned to a new squadron under the command of war-ravaged Captain Thenault (Jean Reno) and battle-weary American pilot Reed Cassidy -- the sole survivor of his devastated former air brigade. With little encouragement from their fellow aviators and nothing to drive but their unifying goal of taking to the skies and offering up their lives in the name of freedom, the determined airmen of the Lafayette Escadrille set out to make history by embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. James Franco, Martin Henderson, and David Ellison star in a script penned by Phil Sears, Blake T. Evans, and David S. Ward. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Running Time: 2 hours 19 minutes

I saw a preview for this movie forever ago and I was surprised to realize I had never thought about air combat with biplanes and the fact there was no covering for the pilots. I know that's something I should have put together a long time ago, but there are some things I just take for granted, I suppose. Like combat taking place with people in machines. Anyway, the point is, I was intrigued. But I ended up being kind of glad to watch it on dvd because I didn't expect it to be as tense as it was. I don't know if it was okay with K or not, but I figure he'd probably rather me make comments here and there than squeeze his hand off in the theater.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was well done and the story was gripping. I think it's at least mostly a true story so that is also cool. It made me realize that I need to brush up on my history though because I only kind of knew what was going on in the world at that time.

The only thing that I have to say that annoyed me is one of the characters totally had highlights and I'm pretty sure there weren't any beauty salons doing highlights during World War I and not for Americans living in France.

Rating: 3 of 4 stars. It's a war movie, but a well done and not boring one. :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

five good things about job b

I heart working at Starbucks:

1. The pay period is the opposite of Job A and I have direct deposit. This means every Friday I get money put into my account. This is awesome. Plus on Mondays I get tips! Free cash!

2. All the free caffiene and sugar a girl could ever want. Also, what I actually take advantage of the most, all the free triple filtered ice water a girl could ever want. I typically grab a for here glass and fill it up about five times a shift with ice and water. It's kind of ridiculous really, because the days I don't work I am kind of thirsty all day. I should probably work on that.

3. Even if a shift is particularly frustrating for any reason, later on after I clock out, I have the best stories.

4. I'm good at it and can take pride in what I do while I'm there.

5. Free aprons! Yes!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

wednesday wonders

It's that time again! Wonderful things that have been catching my attention lately:

...text messages from my awesome California friend. We keep missing each other on the phone, but text message are awesome.
...Icy Hot back patches. It might suck that my back hurts and it might be lame to smell like an old lady, but Icy Hot patches work miraculous wonders. boyfriend got me Valentine's Day candy and little buttons I can pin on to something. We're going out for Thai food and having Valentine's Day fun at my apartment tomorrow.
...I have my own washer and dryer. iPod is still mostly working! I can't sync it or see the pictures on it, but it still charges and plays everything loaded on it. Kickass!
...I work two jobs and my boyfriend works a lot of hours and is otherwise busy, but we've been able to get together at least once a week for several hours every week since I picked up the second job. It's not as spontaneous as it once was, but it happens and it's good and I just love him. pay periods are opposite of each other and I have direct deposit for both places. That means every Friday, money gets deposited into my account.'s cold but super sunny. I love it. mom had lunch with me this week at my place of employment and was impressed with where I work. was kind of cool to not be able to show my mom exactly what I do. It's just because it would be a HIPAA violation, but I don't care. That's because I'm a nerd.
...Mike is taking my Saturday shift at the hospital. It's a lot more money than working at Starbucks, but I'd rather just keep the two overnight shifts at the store this weekend than work at the hospital. So yay for having that option!
...I finally got all my dishes done and nothing came up out of the sink and attacked me during the process. I was starting to think that was a possibility.
...I love my Starbucks store. There are some crazies who work there (and come by), but overall, it is a fantastic place to be. This is especially cool because my first few shifts were kind of bad.
...Blockbuster Online. banking.
...the internet in general.
...K. I know I am annoyingly happy with him, but seriously, meeting him and getting to know him is one of the best things that has happened in my life in a long time. I love that we love each other as much as we do. He's fantastic.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

today wasn't really the best day

Good: K came over last night and we did his laundry and watched most of a movie.
Bad: When I woke up today, I was very very VERY tired.

Good: I made it on time to work.
Bad: Mike was sick and I needed to sit at one of the desks where all the action is instead of in the office where I normaly spend my days.

Bad: I got asked "Where's Mike?" Five thousand times in the first hour.
Bad: A guy who I usually really enjoy spent about ten minutes telling me why I suck as a secretary and why the secretaries in my area suck as well.
Bad: I got yelled at by I think four different people for different situations that I had done everything I could in and also exactly what I was asked to do but it wasn't right for whatever reason.

Good: My mom and I got to meet for lunch and I got to show her the vague area where I work. It's not top secret, but not everyone can just go everywhere I work because there are microbe issues. But it was awesome to get to show her where I sit and just to sit and chat with her a little bit.
Bad: I got us lost trying to walk her back out to where she had parked.

Bad: I totally forgot to put makeup on today and I have a ginormous zit right at my hairline. I mean, ridiculous and red and obnoxious and not even something I could make disappear, but I could have at least taken the edge off.

Bad/Good: One of my favorite people who works in the department knew I was having a rotten day before he even started talking to me.
Good: He offered to have words with anyone I wanted him to. And I know he was serious.
Good: He got a roll of Lifesaves and gave me half of it. I haven't had a Lifesaver in FOREVER. It was especially awesome because it was meant to sweeten up my day.

Bad: 3:08 pm could NOT come fast enough for my taste.

Bad: I'm sure I left too much paperwork for the night time secretary to take care of. But what's even worse is I don't think it should ever be an issue. I think we should all just get eachother's backs, but that's a whole different discussion. Okay, a whole different rant.

Bad: I'm pretty sure I forgot to actually clock out.

Good: I got to leave. Finally.

Bad: As I was walking to my truck, I walked past another hospital. I came across an entryway where an ambulance was waiting to drive out onto the street. I paused to see if it was taking off for an emergency or just about to drive out in general, but it seemed to be waiting. I guess it was waiting for traffic to clear so it could just GO, and traffic happened to clear just as I was in the middle of crossing the driveway. So yes, an ambulance almost hit me. I slammed my fist on the hood as I dodged out of the way, because COME ON.

Bad: My truck had the fuel light on when I started driving. But it was fine when I was going to work, so what the crap?

Good: I went to K's store to say hi and get a quick kiss and got to do both.

Good: Talking to K, even if he can't do anything or say anything to fix anything at all, always helps.

Bad: I had to go home, change, and leave to go work at my store.

Bad: My store was very busy when I got to it. Very busy. And messy. And busy.

Good: Me dating K, and the discovery of this fact by people from my new store has made me even cooler than I was before. They knew I had a boyfriend, they were just delighted to discover it is K.

Bad: Being on drive-thru makes my head hurt and my heart sad sometimes because people are really stupid.

Good: 10:45 pm came fairly quickly.

Good: I am home.

Good: I get to get into my lovely bed very soon.

Monday, February 12, 2007

movie review monday: a love song for bobby long

A Love Song for Bobby Long

Bobby Long (John Travolta) is a washed up former literature professor with a voracious drinking habit. He lives in a rundown house in New Orleans with Lawson Pines (Gabriel Macht of The Recruit), his former star pupil, also an alcoholic. Lawson is allegedly writing a novel about Bobby. Their depressive little corner of the world is disrupted when Lorraine, the beloved eccentric singer who owns their house, dies. Her teenage daughter, Pursy (Scarlett Johansson), who hasn't seen her mother in years, arrives in town too late for the funeral, and crashes at the house. Afraid of being thrown out on the street, Bobby convinces Lawson to tell Pursy that the house has been left to all three of them. Pursy, having little else to do, decides to move in, and starts cleaning up the place, making it her own. Lawson is involved with Georgianna (Deborah Kara Unger), who works at the local bar, but he quickly develops a crush on the comely Pursy. The cantankerous Bobby seems determined to drive the girl away. As Pursy settles into the diverse little community, all of Lorraine's old friends tell her how much she looks like her mother, and she begins to uncover some startling truths about her family history. A Love Song for Bobby Long is based on the novel Off Magazine Street, by Ronald Everett Capps. It was adapted for the screen and directed by Shainee Gabel, who co-directed the documentary Anthem. ~ Josh Ralske, All Movie Guide

Running Time: 1 hour 59 minutes

Most of K's favorite movies have to do with kung-fu fighting, but the ones that aren't badly dubbed are pretty good. I have to say, I've been impressed with his taste. This was another of his suggestions and we watched it over the weekend.

I had never heard of it. It was difficult to believe John Travolta as an old-ish man most of the movie, but other than that I liked it. Pursy lost all connection to her family history at a young age and made up memories of events and memories others might have had of her as a young girl. I've seen a few movies and read a few books with this kind of theme, someone rediscovering or just plain discovering their roots, and this was a pretty cool way for it to all happen.

Plus the girl's name was really Pursaline Hominy Will. That is quite the name, and she got it because her mom said she was her golden child and named her after a golden flowered weed and corn. I love it when people have stories behind their names, even if the names border on bizarre.

Rating: 2 of 4 stars, reccommended to anyone who wants to see a coming of age story featuring John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson. Good movie for a rainy afternoon

Friday, February 9, 2007

five reasons my friend splenda is great

Kate is Great

1. She unabashedly loves Starbucks but does not like the ones that feature baristas jumping out from behind the counter to say hi the second the door opens for someone to come inside.

2. She has been married for awhile now and gives me awesome advice and perspective that is real and useful. A lot of people my age don't entirely understand where I'm coming from when I talk about my relationship with K, but she always does.

2b. She is probably the biggest fan of me and K having a relationship outside of me and K. She said we HAVE to get married because our babies would be the cutest dark curly haired babies there ever were.

3. She is the perfect drinking buddy because she will do shots right along with me but will also make sure that we're both safe and whatnot. She knows the value of leaving early sometimes, but going to the Pig Stand when Damon is on a story telling kick as well.

4. She is working on her business degree and enrolled right away in the next round of classes after she moved this fall. I admire her so much for plugging along and kicking ass in her classes.

4b. She has only been a source of encouragement when I've talked to her about my uncertainty regarding my future, in whatever sense I'm currently worried about.

5. Her blogs are super funny and I don't mind that she cusses at all.

the story of tate

For my 25th birthday, my parents fairly shocked me when they gave me a 60 GB iPod photo. I had an iPod mini that I absolutely adored and had promptly loaded up. I didn't have enough space for my ginormous music collection, but I did have enough room on my computer, so I switched stuff out on probably a weekly basis. I carried it with me at basically all times and to the delight of my coworkers even figured out a way to hook it up to the store sound system after hours. So the 60 GB was completely amazing to me. I could put ALL of my music on it PLUS pictures. And there was this nifty function that allows you to create a slide show of pictures and put music with it and then hook the iPod up to a tv and show it to everyone you know. Good times, especially for a proud aunt who lived in a different state from the babies.

I named it Tate because that means happiness. Also, because I am a nerd. I named my computer Blossom (get it? Apple Blossom?) and felt that this smaller eletronic piece of happiness deserved a name as well. I got some awesome headphones and a new case to fit it because I am ridiculously hard on electronics for whatever reason, regardless of how careful I am with things. I manage to break things in fairly interesting ways. Once a repair guy said to me "I have no idea how you did this. I know how to fix it, but seriously, how did you do this?" Who knows?

Anyway, I used it every day. I walked to school and listened to it. I listened to it in my truck, on the airplane, everywhere. I got a recorder/speaker that I can plug into it and I have little sound clips of the babies laughing but can also use my iPod as an alarm clock because of the little speaker. Later I got an alarm clock that I can plug it into which is even more awesome than just having the iPod.

So one day in about Septemeber, I went to turn it on, and nothing happened. I knew it was charged, so I waited patiently for it to just kick in. It didn't. In fact, instead of the menu appearing, a sad iPod icon appeared.

Isn't that the cutest sad thing you've ever seen?

An iPod is basically a mini hardrive and I could hear it spinning but not catching on anything. I thought maybe I could let it rest awhile and it would find its way back to working and bringing me my daily dose of delight, but no such luck. I had just moved into my own place and couldn't entirely afford it as it was, so there was no point in even finding out how much it would be to fix it. I stored it carefully and pulled it out occassionally just to check, but nothing.

I thought maybe it was one of those gadgets that I really liked but could live without. Maybe it would be fun to rediscover cds and whatnot. I tried, I really did, but there aren't any great radio stations here (I had no idea how spoiled I was by media living in Southern California and I am dead serious) and it is a pain to lug cds back and forth all the time. So I knew eventually I would get some sort of replacement for my iPod, but there was no money in sight whatsoever for anything like that.

Recently I asked my boss if I could bring music in to listen to while working. She is awesome because she said she could not possibly care less as long as I got my work done every day. I dusted off my trusty discman (which does not have a name although it is purple and has 40 second ESP which is truly impressive for such a device), pulled out my ear buds, and brought in a stack of cds. And that's when I knew. I had to go and at least find out how much it would be to fix Tate so I could start saving, no matter how painful it would be. At least I would know.

I made an appointment online for the Genius Bar at the Apple Store yesterday and took myself down there. The Genius asked me what the problem was, entered in some information to find out if I had Apple Care or not, and then plugged Tate in. Nothing appeared on the screen, so he checked to make sure that there was actually a power supply plugged in, and there was. Then he held it up to his ear and heard the disc not catching (so not the technical term, but at least it's descriptive), and told me the hard drive was bad.

He gave me three options:
1. Get Tate fixed. It's out of warranty and Apple doesn't make my particular model anymore, so it would run about $300 for a refurbished one.
2. Take advantage of the recycle program and turn in Tate to get 10% off any iPod I want except the Shuffle. I can do this at any time and any store, and simply take the old and new iPods up to the register at the same time.
3. Use Tate as a paperweight.

I don't have enough money to get a new one right now, which is about $75 cheaper than getting Tate fixed, so I wandered and drooled a tiny bit and then left the Apple Store.

I went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients for dinner (tortellini with garlic cream sauce and French bread, eaten in my awesome Anthropologie bowls with my terrific boyfriend yay!). I started dinner and then went to pick K up at work. I was hanging out in the lobby trying to not be annoying or stalkerish while he was finishing up and took Tate out of my pocket just to see. I pressed a button and the screen came to life! The battery was almost dead, but all the menus were working! The photos I had on it weren't loading, but it seemed like music was playing.

I charged up Tate and tried to sync with my computer. That didn't work, the disc started spinning without purpose again, but it held the charge and I am listening to a wide variety of music as I type! The photos still won't come up, but the music is fine. It hiccuped once but I reset it and everything else seems to be fine. I'm hoping it will just last long enough for me to save up the dough to buy a new one.


If anyone wants to donate money to the cause, you just let me know. I will not keep you from your desire. :)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

how to annoy me

In a huge giant theater where maybe five people are sitting all spaced out through the entire room, sit right in front of me even though I already have my feet up on the chair.

Is it reasonable for me to be annoyed? Probably not, as I only paid for one ticket which entitles me to the seat I'm already in. But I'm still irritated.

And then I'm really irritated when you and your group are talking and text messaging each other. Seriously, why did you have sit in front of me and my boyfriend?

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

wednesday wonders

Things that have been a delight for the past week or more.

...fog this morning! Just enough to make things mysterious, not dangerous. I like it when life is mysterious but not dangerous.
...grande 4 pump vanilla 2 pump mocha soy lattes in a for here mug on the overnight shift.
...Six Feet Under and all of it's acted out imaginary interactions with the characters. I wish my imagination was as vivid as the characters on that show sometimes. Other times I am thankful for the exact reason that it is not. mom is back in Texas!
...when my nephew saw me let myself into my parent's house Sunday, he said "Auntie! Auntie's here!" and purposefully got down from the table and ran over to me and gave me a hug.
...reading again.
...a particular co-worker asking for an ear bud to hear what I'm listening to every day. Yesterday I learned that Jimmy Eat World is "Weed music" niece telling me to sit down so she could play with my hair, just for a little bit. I don't even know how to describe how she says "little bit" or why it brings me so much delight, but trust me, it's adorable.
...Dooce's latest newsletter.
...having plans with K this afternoon/evening. We're going to the movies!
...putting things in motion to have a great gift for K next week. manager letting me change my availability AND applying the changes to the schedule she was working on. Farewell Sunday overnight shifts!
...more and more of my friends loving The Office. long curly hair.

a thought

Lately, I feel a little like Dwight in the the pilot of The Office. I hide my electric stapler and pull it out every morning. I only wish I could lock it someplace like how he does his phone reciever.

I hope that is our only similarity.

The fact he's fiction does bode well for me though.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I knew Sunday was going to be a long night when I went into the back room to put my stuff down and said "Hey, how's it going?" and the response was "Oh, actually, I'm not on the clock until 11:45."

movie review monday (a day late): american pie 2

The horny teen heroes of American Pie (1999) return for further raunchy antics in this comedy sequel written by the first film's creator, Adam Herz. Returning home following their freshman year of college, old friends Jim (Jason Biggs), Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), Oz (Chris Klein), Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), and Stifler (Seann William Scott) rent a summer house on Lake Michigan where they hope to score romantically. However, complications ensue due to Jim's relative lack of experience, requiring an interlude with a fellow student and a visit to his old friend Michelle (Alyson Hanigan), who's now a band camp counselor, all in preparation for the return of Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth). In the meantime, Oz is separated from Heather (Mena Suvari) by a trip abroad, Finch has another encounter with Stifler's mom (Jennifer Coolidge), and Jim's dad (Eugene Levy) is as clueless as ever about his son's love life. Director J.B. Rogers served as first assistant director on the first film and made his directorial debut with Say It Isn't So (2001). ~ Karl Williams, All Movie Guide

Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

K couldn't believe that I'd never seen American Pie so we watched it awhile ago. I don't remember why I hadn't seen it really, but then since I hadn't seen that one I never saw any of the other ones. Obviously. But the first one was actually pretty good and not nearly as raunchy as you might think it is. I'm not necessarily going to tell my mom to see it though.

Sex and the City is way more graphic and inappropriate than either of these movies are when it comes down to it and I love that series, so...

I think I liked the second one better. My favorite part though was when Michelle "breaks up" with Jim and then sits in her car and is all sad for a minute. I said "Oh, she really likes him!" to K and he looked at me and said "Thanks for ruining it for me." Then I said "Um, don't they get married in one of these movies at some point?" And he laughed.

The relationship between Jim and his dad is terrific. It's awkward, but the dad really cares about his son and is a point of support. It's funny, but it's also really cool to see a good relationship like that portrayed in a movie that's supposedly raunchy and whatnot. I also like the dynamic between the guys. Their friendships mean a lot to each other.

So all in all, enjoyable. Obviously not for everyone, but probably not what you expect if you've never seen it.

Rating: 2 of 4 stars.

Friday, February 2, 2007

five good things about job a

1. Someone stole my electric stapler. Actually, someone broke an electric stapler and then switched it with mine. I got a replacement handheld stapler that kind of sucked because it was so small that I couldn't even fit a full strip of staples in it, but it was okay. But then, the person who orders supplies decided that I really truly need an electric stapler and got me one and this one is sooooo much better than the other ones. It has its own staple remover BUILT INTO IT.

2. I've been bringing in my trusty old cd player and ear buds. Mike has also been letting me listen to his Shuffle and it's been fabulous. Having just a little bit of music breaks up the monotony and eases some frustration quite nicely.

3. Two different people who I see fairly often although don't actually work with at all have told me they like how I'm always in a good mood and never frustrated. Both of these are completely ridiculous statements, however it does make me feel good that maybe I don't wear all of my irritation on my sleeve at all times.

4. The cafeteria is so freaking cheap. Breakfast for 49 cents and lunch for 3 bucks and under, but usually more like a little more than 2. Not the best ever food of my life, but good nonetheless. There hasn't really been any time that I couldn't find SOMETHING that was enjoyable to eat.

5. My job is the same thing every single day. I start with a stack of paperwork, make some calculations and enter it in, and then end with a completed stack of paperwork. It's a comforting constant in this crazy world. Heh.

January Movies: The Month K and I Started Slacking on Watching Movies.

13 Going on 30
Good clean fun chick flicky kind of movie. My favorite line: "I need a glass of water and a fluffy pillow please!"

The Sting
Fabulous pioneer of movies such as Ocean's 11, The Italian Job, and the like. Plus Robert Redford was a hottie in his day. Bonus: See Paul Newman before he had ANY salad dressings for sale.

I liked it. It might be a little long or I might have been a little tired when I saw it. K definitely fell asleep and I know this even though he says he didn't because he was snoring. It's kind of like The Matrix with more blatant spiritual themes which is kind of why I liked it and kind of why a lot of people didn't like it. There's a bonus scene in the credits, fyi.

Hard Candy
Weird, but not in a good way exactly. Just weird. Like a big WTF is going through your head the entire time. It's not okay to molest children, but I don't know that it's okay to stalk a child molester and torture them either. Also? Sandra Oh has like a two minute scene (if that) and gets top billing. It's just weird.

Snakes on a Plane
Not as campy as you might think. There is one ridiculous line, but as he's saying it, you realize this is Samuel L. Jackson so of COURSE he's going to have at least one like that.

The Island
Long movie. But good. Better than I thought it would be and only one cheesy part. Interesting implications because I'm sure more than one scientist has had this kind of idea before. Well done and impressive to look at. The sets are so intricate and it's the one movie I've seen with the future where it doesn't look the same as the world does now. So kudos to The Island for actually imagining a future Los Angeles.


five things i am looking forward to today-ish

1. My mom is coming home today! I've talked to her tons while she's been gone, but I am so excited to go out to dinner with her and my dad and my sister's family. Hopefully even K can come too.

2. Going home from job a and sleeping until an hour before job b. If I've calculated correctly, I can potentially get six hours of sleep. SIX CONSECUTIVE HOURS OF SLEEP.

3. Today is Job B's payday! It's my first paycheck! Yay!

4. I have a tape of The Office and Grey's Anatomy that is dying to be watched.

5. Tonight is an overnight shift with a particular lead who enjoys bringing his laptop and speakers to work with him. Potentially, I can take a movie and watch it while getting paid. Depending on the list of cleaning tasks we get and the customer flow, of course. If you're in the area after midnight tonight, swing on by! I'll be happy to hop up and get you a latte.