Friday, February 2, 2007

January Movies: The Month K and I Started Slacking on Watching Movies.

13 Going on 30
Good clean fun chick flicky kind of movie. My favorite line: "I need a glass of water and a fluffy pillow please!"

The Sting
Fabulous pioneer of movies such as Ocean's 11, The Italian Job, and the like. Plus Robert Redford was a hottie in his day. Bonus: See Paul Newman before he had ANY salad dressings for sale.

I liked it. It might be a little long or I might have been a little tired when I saw it. K definitely fell asleep and I know this even though he says he didn't because he was snoring. It's kind of like The Matrix with more blatant spiritual themes which is kind of why I liked it and kind of why a lot of people didn't like it. There's a bonus scene in the credits, fyi.

Hard Candy
Weird, but not in a good way exactly. Just weird. Like a big WTF is going through your head the entire time. It's not okay to molest children, but I don't know that it's okay to stalk a child molester and torture them either. Also? Sandra Oh has like a two minute scene (if that) and gets top billing. It's just weird.

Snakes on a Plane
Not as campy as you might think. There is one ridiculous line, but as he's saying it, you realize this is Samuel L. Jackson so of COURSE he's going to have at least one like that.

The Island
Long movie. But good. Better than I thought it would be and only one cheesy part. Interesting implications because I'm sure more than one scientist has had this kind of idea before. Well done and impressive to look at. The sets are so intricate and it's the one movie I've seen with the future where it doesn't look the same as the world does now. So kudos to The Island for actually imagining a future Los Angeles.


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