Friday, February 23, 2007

it's friday five time!

Five Oscar Winners I Am (Perhaps Foolishly) Hoping For

1. Best Picture: Little Miss Sunshine.
It's such a long shot, but I LOVED this movie. Abigail Breslin and Steve Carrel are fabulous and I loved this storyline. The movie isn't necessarily for everyone, but I think the big theme was when you're family, you stick together regardless of tough, awkward, or bizarre situations, and THAT is for everyone.

2. Best Actress: Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada
Omg, she did a fabulous job bringing this character to life! I loved that she never once yelled during the entire movie, but everyone was scared of her. It is truly a testament to her abilities to bring such a phenomenal performance to a movie that was great but wasn't ever going to be on anyone's classics list.

3. Best Supporting Actress: Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine.
I just love this kid because she's a great actress but she seems like a real kid without the creepy precociousness of Dakota Fanning.

4. Best Foriegn Language Film: Pan's Labrynth.
This movie blew me away. Not as much as Apocalypto, but it was still fantastic. I want everyone to see it so I can ask them what they think of the end because I have two theories and I don't know which one is better. The mark of a truly good foriegn film is getting so lost in the story that you forget you're reading along. This definitely happens with Pan's Labrynth. I wish I had that good of an imagination, to come up with the visuals for a story like that and share them with everyone else.

5. Best Supporting Actor: Mark Wahlberg in The Departed.
I had absolutely no interest in seeing this movie, but it was K's birthday celebration so there you go. It was really suprisingly good, and Mark Wahlberg's character was my favorite. He was so angry and it was fantastic! I don't know if Leonardo DiCaprio is really best actor material from this movie, but kudos for the nomination. I really do hope Mark Wahlberg wins though.

We'll see what happens!


tina said...

Can I just say that aside from your #5 (which I haven't seen yet) I TOTALLY agree with your selection.

Mat hated Little Miss Sunshine, but there were parts I was cracking up during. For instance, the first bus push/run. Hilarious!

Pan's Labrynth. AWESOME movie. Funny story... we watched the preview online and since it didn't have any dialogue in the scenes shown, we didn't know it was a foreign (subtitled) film. Mat generally doesn't do movies where he has to read everything, but he loved it too.

Meryl Streep was phenominal in TDWP. She was perfect for the part. If any stand to win, I think she does.

m3li558 said...

During the part in the movie where you finally get to see Olive's routine, I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. Her seriousness and dedication and the fact THAT's what her grandfather was teaching her and no one else knew... I could not stop laughing.

I knew Pan's Labrynth was in Spanish, but that happened to me once before with Brotherhood of the Wolves. Once the movie started, I realized the previews had shown no dialogue and I had no idea the whole thing was in French. It never bothers me, but sometimes catches me off guard. I'm glad that happens to other people too. :)

You should see The Departed, I am pretty sure you'd like it. Let me know if you get around to it and whatnot!

I love dating someone who loves watching movies. This is the first time in awhile I've seen so many of the nominated stuff!