Wednesday, February 14, 2007

wednesday wonders

It's that time again! Wonderful things that have been catching my attention lately:

...text messages from my awesome California friend. We keep missing each other on the phone, but text message are awesome.
...Icy Hot back patches. It might suck that my back hurts and it might be lame to smell like an old lady, but Icy Hot patches work miraculous wonders. boyfriend got me Valentine's Day candy and little buttons I can pin on to something. We're going out for Thai food and having Valentine's Day fun at my apartment tomorrow.
...I have my own washer and dryer. iPod is still mostly working! I can't sync it or see the pictures on it, but it still charges and plays everything loaded on it. Kickass!
...I work two jobs and my boyfriend works a lot of hours and is otherwise busy, but we've been able to get together at least once a week for several hours every week since I picked up the second job. It's not as spontaneous as it once was, but it happens and it's good and I just love him. pay periods are opposite of each other and I have direct deposit for both places. That means every Friday, money gets deposited into my account.'s cold but super sunny. I love it. mom had lunch with me this week at my place of employment and was impressed with where I work. was kind of cool to not be able to show my mom exactly what I do. It's just because it would be a HIPAA violation, but I don't care. That's because I'm a nerd.
...Mike is taking my Saturday shift at the hospital. It's a lot more money than working at Starbucks, but I'd rather just keep the two overnight shifts at the store this weekend than work at the hospital. So yay for having that option!
...I finally got all my dishes done and nothing came up out of the sink and attacked me during the process. I was starting to think that was a possibility.
...I love my Starbucks store. There are some crazies who work there (and come by), but overall, it is a fantastic place to be. This is especially cool because my first few shifts were kind of bad.
...Blockbuster Online. banking.
...the internet in general.
...K. I know I am annoyingly happy with him, but seriously, meeting him and getting to know him is one of the best things that has happened in my life in a long time. I love that we love each other as much as we do. He's fantastic.

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