Tuesday, February 13, 2007

today wasn't really the best day

Good: K came over last night and we did his laundry and watched most of a movie.
Bad: When I woke up today, I was very very VERY tired.

Good: I made it on time to work.
Bad: Mike was sick and I needed to sit at one of the desks where all the action is instead of in the office where I normaly spend my days.

Bad: I got asked "Where's Mike?" Five thousand times in the first hour.
Bad: A guy who I usually really enjoy spent about ten minutes telling me why I suck as a secretary and why the secretaries in my area suck as well.
Bad: I got yelled at by I think four different people for different situations that I had done everything I could in and also exactly what I was asked to do but it wasn't right for whatever reason.

Good: My mom and I got to meet for lunch and I got to show her the vague area where I work. It's not top secret, but not everyone can just go everywhere I work because there are microbe issues. But it was awesome to get to show her where I sit and just to sit and chat with her a little bit.
Bad: I got us lost trying to walk her back out to where she had parked.

Bad: I totally forgot to put makeup on today and I have a ginormous zit right at my hairline. I mean, ridiculous and red and obnoxious and not even something I could make disappear, but I could have at least taken the edge off.

Bad/Good: One of my favorite people who works in the department knew I was having a rotten day before he even started talking to me.
Good: He offered to have words with anyone I wanted him to. And I know he was serious.
Good: He got a roll of Lifesaves and gave me half of it. I haven't had a Lifesaver in FOREVER. It was especially awesome because it was meant to sweeten up my day.

Bad: 3:08 pm could NOT come fast enough for my taste.

Bad: I'm sure I left too much paperwork for the night time secretary to take care of. But what's even worse is I don't think it should ever be an issue. I think we should all just get eachother's backs, but that's a whole different discussion. Okay, a whole different rant.

Bad: I'm pretty sure I forgot to actually clock out.

Good: I got to leave. Finally.

Bad: As I was walking to my truck, I walked past another hospital. I came across an entryway where an ambulance was waiting to drive out onto the street. I paused to see if it was taking off for an emergency or just about to drive out in general, but it seemed to be waiting. I guess it was waiting for traffic to clear so it could just GO, and traffic happened to clear just as I was in the middle of crossing the driveway. So yes, an ambulance almost hit me. I slammed my fist on the hood as I dodged out of the way, because COME ON.

Bad: My truck had the fuel light on when I started driving. But it was fine when I was going to work, so what the crap?

Good: I went to K's store to say hi and get a quick kiss and got to do both.

Good: Talking to K, even if he can't do anything or say anything to fix anything at all, always helps.

Bad: I had to go home, change, and leave to go work at my store.

Bad: My store was very busy when I got to it. Very busy. And messy. And busy.

Good: Me dating K, and the discovery of this fact by people from my new store has made me even cooler than I was before. They knew I had a boyfriend, they were just delighted to discover it is K.

Bad: Being on drive-thru makes my head hurt and my heart sad sometimes because people are really stupid.

Good: 10:45 pm came fairly quickly.

Good: I am home.

Good: I get to get into my lovely bed very soon.


mikewurtz said...

I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. I hope you get enough rest today.

m3li558 said...

Thanks. And just so you know, it wasn't all just because I was sitting at the North Tower. That crap doesn't happen all the time AND the last time you weren't there, I didn't have to sit at the desk. So it was just a weird turn of events that everything was awful. I survived anyway though!