Friday, February 2, 2007

five things i am looking forward to today-ish

1. My mom is coming home today! I've talked to her tons while she's been gone, but I am so excited to go out to dinner with her and my dad and my sister's family. Hopefully even K can come too.

2. Going home from job a and sleeping until an hour before job b. If I've calculated correctly, I can potentially get six hours of sleep. SIX CONSECUTIVE HOURS OF SLEEP.

3. Today is Job B's payday! It's my first paycheck! Yay!

4. I have a tape of The Office and Grey's Anatomy that is dying to be watched.

5. Tonight is an overnight shift with a particular lead who enjoys bringing his laptop and speakers to work with him. Potentially, I can take a movie and watch it while getting paid. Depending on the list of cleaning tasks we get and the customer flow, of course. If you're in the area after midnight tonight, swing on by! I'll be happy to hop up and get you a latte.

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