Tuesday, February 27, 2007

some realizations in blurb format

...bloglines.com is an awesome site, but sometimes I kind of miss clicking through my bookmarked list of blogs and seeing if there's anything new. I am so weird.
...Starbucks is just a job that I show up to and clock in, do a decent job while I'm there, and then go home. But today at the "pep rally" I couldn't help myself from being a star barista. Maybe because my new store manager was there, but mostly because I'm a nerd. But I did get a Chik-Fil-A gift card out of it, so that's awesome. I've only eaten there once.
...I have no idea what the ways in which I drive K crazy are, but evidently there are a few things I do that drive him up the wall. It's not that I thought I never grated on his nerves, I just realized today that I have no idea what it is I do that bugs him. Maybe we should talk about it. I'll have to have another realization of how to actually do that later.
...I AM SICK OF YEAST INFECTIONS. This is not a new revelation, but it's at the point where now even K thinks it is completely ridiculous and he obviously has never had a yeast infection and I've never gone into great detail because that's just gross.
...I need to change my hair. Probably cut a few inches off, layer it up, and dye it. Maybe just dye it back to the same color as the roots and let it grow for awhile. I don't know. But it's kind of just annoying me right now.
...K knows me a lot better than I probably give him credit for. It just kind of sneaks up on me sometimes.
...Living on the first floor definitely has disadvantages. Mostly brought on by having elephants for upstairs neighbors. At least I'm never home all day to enjoy the stomping.
...Everywhere I look, people are having babies. I'm not and it's not something I want right now, but seriously, what is the deail with all the pregnant bellies? How come it's so everywhere all of the sudden, is that just me?
...My mom said this the other day and it's absolutely true: My niece has a flair for drama, but my nephew is a thespian. He will be two tomorrow and he can transform his face into a scowl on command. He also likes to pretend sleep, with his eyes open and head tilted and fakes a snore. He can keep a straight face longer than I can. He is becoming one of my all time favorite people.
...the brains of guys and girls are wired differently. Not a shocking revelation, but sometimes I forget and then am reminded. It's not bad, just something to remember.

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