Friday, February 2, 2007

five good things about job a

1. Someone stole my electric stapler. Actually, someone broke an electric stapler and then switched it with mine. I got a replacement handheld stapler that kind of sucked because it was so small that I couldn't even fit a full strip of staples in it, but it was okay. But then, the person who orders supplies decided that I really truly need an electric stapler and got me one and this one is sooooo much better than the other ones. It has its own staple remover BUILT INTO IT.

2. I've been bringing in my trusty old cd player and ear buds. Mike has also been letting me listen to his Shuffle and it's been fabulous. Having just a little bit of music breaks up the monotony and eases some frustration quite nicely.

3. Two different people who I see fairly often although don't actually work with at all have told me they like how I'm always in a good mood and never frustrated. Both of these are completely ridiculous statements, however it does make me feel good that maybe I don't wear all of my irritation on my sleeve at all times.

4. The cafeteria is so freaking cheap. Breakfast for 49 cents and lunch for 3 bucks and under, but usually more like a little more than 2. Not the best ever food of my life, but good nonetheless. There hasn't really been any time that I couldn't find SOMETHING that was enjoyable to eat.

5. My job is the same thing every single day. I start with a stack of paperwork, make some calculations and enter it in, and then end with a completed stack of paperwork. It's a comforting constant in this crazy world. Heh.

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mikewurtz said...

Hooray for cheap food.