Friday, February 16, 2007

five good things about job b

I heart working at Starbucks:

1. The pay period is the opposite of Job A and I have direct deposit. This means every Friday I get money put into my account. This is awesome. Plus on Mondays I get tips! Free cash!

2. All the free caffiene and sugar a girl could ever want. Also, what I actually take advantage of the most, all the free triple filtered ice water a girl could ever want. I typically grab a for here glass and fill it up about five times a shift with ice and water. It's kind of ridiculous really, because the days I don't work I am kind of thirsty all day. I should probably work on that.

3. Even if a shift is particularly frustrating for any reason, later on after I clock out, I have the best stories.

4. I'm good at it and can take pride in what I do while I'm there.

5. Free aprons! Yes!

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