Wednesday, February 28, 2007

wednesday wonders is my nephew's second birthday! is my half birthday! mom and dad had this cool idea of having a road trip wedding. I don't know how plausible it really is, but I never would have thought of anything like that, so kudos to them. mom and dad halfway expect me and K to announce we've gotten married every time we see them. I think this is hilarious. iPod is STILL working!
...iced venti 4 pump vanilla 1 pump mocha soy lattes.
...iced with classic green tea lemonades. strawberry banana juice, even if it isn't pink.
...having a boyfriend who asks me what I'm doing about various dreams and goals I've mentioned.
...the dixie chicks.
...winning a giftcard to Chik-Fil-A. K has one too from awhile back. We can go there on a date and it will be practically free! apartment is still wonderfully clean!
...a new set of retractable pens with various colors of ink. I need them for work and it makes me happy to have florescent green in a clicky pen. at Target.
...a brand new journal that I will actually write in without feeling like I'm ruining or wasting.
...cold medicine unclogging my sinuses.
...Pepsi and bottled water.
...text messaging.

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