Thursday, February 22, 2007

wednesday wonders

tidbits of happiness...

...compliments on my blog. awesome set of Starbucks tumblers that don't even sweat that much.
...good music. niece thinking it is HILARIOUS when I tell her that her grandma is my mommy.
...tortellini soup. nephew talking in third person. He misprounces his name in the cutest way possible.
...syndicated television.
...sushi with my boyfriend, my boyfriend's sister, and another friend I haven't seen in a good four months.
...having a dream about a Sex and the City movie and then waking up and reading an article about how the SATC movie is back on!
...a gift subscription to Cosmo from my awesome CA friend who's name starts with a K.
...the fact that my three friends who I talk to the most names all start with K.
...thinking about getting my hair drastically cut.
...the smell of fabric softner.
...100% cranberry juice.
...AZO Yeast tablets. No more yogurt AND no more yeast infections! iPod is STILL working.
...bagel sandwiches.
...Ricky Bobby praying to the Baby Jesus because he likes that version of Jesus the best. sheets! I still have to wash them and put them on my bed, but I got new sheets!
...text messages on the overnight shifts on the weekends. Friday and Saturday night, text me! It'll be fun! products.
...moving my "organized piles" to a small table rather than taking up the whole kitchen table.

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