Friday, March 30, 2007

five fun things about hanging out with my mom

1. We went to Sephora because I had gotten her a giftcard there for a very belated birthday present. Neither of us are hardcore girly girls, but we both have our moments. It was deliciously fun to show her all the stuff I like to look at when I have time to wander around Sephora.

2. She liked the Philosophy line of body wash etc as much as I do and decided we should both get some. She chose Margarita for a bubble bath in her awesomely gigantic tub and I chose Apple to have something crisp but not overwhelming to wake up to in the shower each day.

3. I can talk to her about stuff that's going on in my life and she is often impressed with how I'm handling it. This makes me feel a lot better because sometimes I am struggling with both the situation and how to go about doing something about it and it's lovely to get that kind of encouragement from someone who knows you that well.

4. P.F. Chang's. We probably should have gotten some martinis to go with our meal, but our teas were pretty good too. The new wonton they have there wasn't all that great, but the lemon chicken with broccoli was DELICIOUS.

5. My mom is a person to me who has struggles and triumphs, good moments and weak ones, and isn't afraid to laugh or cry. If you would have told me when I was fifteen that I would look at her as a friend down the road, I would have rolled my eyes. But now, I love that we get to both be adults and can relate to each other as women. Sometimes I still find myself just wanting my mom, but more often, I am glad to get to talk to her as a friend.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm nosy and I also have a big mouth.

You should just know that about me.

When people tell me secrets, I can be very good at keeping them for a pretty good amount of time. Sometimes though, I just have to tell one person so that I get it out of my system. It's not always the same person that I tell random clandestine information to, it's usually someone who doesn't know the people involved in the secret so that way it's not as big of a deal that I have a big freaking mouth.

The nosy thing though is an interesting thing because we live in a world of blogs and blog rolls. Sometimes when I'm bored or I generally have too much time on my hands and zero interest or inclination for cleaning or otherwise productively occupying myself, I will look at random people's blogs and then read their friends' blogs and then THEIR friends' blogs and so on and so forth. Sometimes I find people I knew a hundred years ago and sometimes I send them a message somehow, but other times I'm just that internet stalker reading innocent people's blogs and they don't even know I'm there.

I hope we can still be friends.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

late breaking news!

I checked my mail today and got my insurance renewal packet thing for my truck. It's going down almost fifty bucks a month! Yay! That is definitely a wonderful Wednesday kind of thing.

wednesday wonders

My weekly list of fantastic things:

...I'm pretty much only working two days a week at Starbucks which gives me enough hours and the flexibility to pick up one more shift if I need/want it.
...when my boyfriend thinks I'm being crazy, he doesn't say so until later. I can tell he thinks I've lost it but he'll let me say what I think it is I need to say and then later tell me I was being ridiculous. This is ridiculously amazing to me and one of the many reasons I love him so much.
...I'm meeting my mom tomorrow at La Cantera where we will go to Sephora and be girly together.
...this week I've been coming into work and getting a series of things done and THEN going and eating breakfast. While it might be a little better for me to eat sooner, the actual break and few minutes away have done wonders for my mental well being. So, yay for that!
...I've had time to watch some movies. Yay for my Blockbuster Online actually being a value this month!
...peanut butter cookies. The soft kind.
...this story, especially the picture
...the song Sleep by Plumb.
...lengthy MySpace messages from friends I haven't talked to in YEARS.
...air conditioning. Even if it's not all that hot, it'll suck the icky humidity right out of my truck in like two minutes flat.
...cell phones. Especially when people are not afraid of letting calls go to voicemail.
...walking instead of taking the shuttle.
...rain and thunderstorms.
...when I asked him how he'd be about me chopping all my hair off, K asked me if I'd still make out with him. I said of course and he said "Well, what difference does it make then?"
...speaking of K, we've been together for a year. AN ENTIRE YEAR. That is always significant, but with everything that has happened, I think it's especially significant to us. I'm sure everyone thinks that about their relationships though. :)
...having a book que at the library. It's both awesome AND free!
...really really hot showers.
...picking up some overtime hours at my job that pays a lot more. It's just enough to make a nice difference in my paycheck without making me feel I'm part of the living dead.
...I know there are people who specifically look forward to Wednesday Wonders.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ipod update!

Yesterday, I was trying to select a different album to listen to on Tate my iPod and I hit the button too many times while not paying attention only to realize my photos were loading! It seems as if all the functionality of my iPod has mysteriously returned. The only other step is to try syncing it with my laptop (which also has a name: Blossom. Get it? Because it's an Apple...) and seeing what happens. At this point, it will either explode or it will simply work and I will shake my head in amusement and wonder before yelling some happy exclaimation like "Kickass!" Why didn't I try this yesterday you ask? Because I'm retarded and left my iPod at the hospital. Mike was staying late so I just called him and asked him to please rescue Tate from my desk lest anyone else help themselves to my iPod and all of it's glorious music. But I didn't get to try syncing it or get to wake up to a randomly selected song this morning. Oh well, there's always today/tomorrow for such events.

Monday, March 26, 2007

movie review monday: marie antoinette

Marie Antoinette

Full Synopsis:
Writer and director Sofia Coppola puts a new spin on the life and times of one of Europe's most infamous monarchs in this lavish historical drama which fuses a contemporary sensibility with painstaking recreations of the look of the 18th century. Born to Austrian nobility, Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst) is only 14 years old when she's pledged to marry Louis XVI (Jason Schwartzman), the 15-year-old king of France, in an alliance that has everything to do with politics and nothing to do with love. Sent to France and literally stripped of her former life, Marie weds Louis, but to the consternation of the royal court, he seems either unwilling or unable to consummate the marriage while their advisors clamor for an heir to the throne. Young and more than a bit out of step with the new life that's been thrust upon her, Marie gives herself over to the pleasures of life in Versailles, knowing and caring little of the political intrigue that surrounds her. In time, Marie's trusted older brother, Joseph (Danny Huston), is brought in to coach Louis on the finer points of marital relations, and before long the couple is finally blessed with a child. However, as Marie tends to her children in the gilded cage of her palace and enjoys an affair with a Swedish nobleman, political power plays are throwing France into chaos, and the growing ranks of the poor rebel against the royals and their life of privilege. Also starring Rip Torn, Judy Davis, Steve Coogan, and Asia Argento, Marie Antoinette was given a controversial reception when it premiered at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Running Time: 123 mins

There was a lot of buzz around this movie when it came out, I think mostly because it was coming from the director of Lost in Translation and it was her next movie. I remember seeing the previews and being captivated by this seemingly period piece put to more recent music. It looked beautiful and I was curious to see if it was actually a period piece or not. I never got around to seeing it in the theater, and after having watched it, I have to say I'm glad.

I didn't hate it, but I didn't entirely like it either. It was actually beautiful and the juxstaposition of modern music with period costumes and whatnot was pretty cool. I have no idea how accurate of a portrayal of Marie Antoinette this really was, but it was interesting to stop for a minute and think of royalty from ages ago as unsure teenagers struggling to find their place. I guess everyone struggles to find their place, but not very many people get to lounge around and choose expensive dresses or extravagent hairstyles and whatever else. Some of the scenes reminded me of modern day celebrities.

There was a good hour during the movie when I was thinking "Wow, this sure is pretty to look at, with all the costumes and beautiful landscapes, but is anything actually going to happen in this freaking movie?" That's when I realized that the movie is just like Lost in Translation. That is a completely bizarre statement, I know, but hear me out.

Everyone told me I would LOVE Lost in Translation because I lived in Japan. I really wanted to love it because I am quite the fan of artsy movies and am one of those people who likes the movies that are just a snippet from someone's life without any firm resolution at the end. I was bored for most of the movie though. It made me want to go to Tokyo again and it did a good job of portraying what it's like to be trying to get by in a foreign city when you don't know the language and can't even read the signs, but I was not amazed like it seemed everyone else was. I didn't hate it, but I was disappointed. It was a gorgeous film, and there were good moments, but overall I just wanted to know when something, anything, was going to happen.

So in conclusion, if you liked Lost in Translation, you just might like Marie Antoinette.

Rating: 1 of 4 stars.

Friday, March 23, 2007

friday five!

Five Fantastically Random Delightful Things From This Week:

1. Tina is engaged! And she called me personally to tell me! I super hope I can go to the wedding because that is simply FANTASTIC!

2. One of my very best friends from high school, Jenny, just found me on MySpace! We were friends in Japan and she moved to Virginia and then I moved to Northern California and then she moved to Florida and then I moved to Southern California and then she moved back to Japan but a different part and I moved back to Northern California and then back to Southern California and then to Texas. Somewhere inbetween my California moves and her Japan move (actually, I think she might have lived in Korea for a bit too...), we lost touch, but now we're MySpace friends and I am SUPER STOKED!

3. K and I had an amazingly good time together over the past two days, during which time he outlined his plan for where to live in a few months and how that affects us. It's a very good plan and it makes me very happy. Things with his roommate have made me feel a lot of tension in general, but especially over the past month. It's all going to dissipate very very soon which kind of makes it bearable until then. And to be clear, it's not even that I don't want her in his life anymore or that she won't be around, it's simply that they won't be living together anymore and that will be a HUGE difference. And it's going to have a huge impact on my life for the better. It's kickass that K finally realized how much she affects me too.

4. I think I made a good decision about my jobs and I kind of bounced it off my mom and she thought it was a fantastic conclusion and said she would have given up at least a week ago if not before then.

5. The cafeteria where I work is ridiculously cheap and you can get free soda if you bring your own cup. I realize I have mentioned this before, but after having spent less than five dollars on breakfast, a snack, and lunch today, I just have to say that is freaking AWESOME. Yay for cheap food! Also, I have leftovers in my fridge that I am excited about partking of for dinner. Yay for not spending money!

know how i know i live in texas?

K wanted to make me dinner the other night and decided on fideo and enchiladas. He gave me a list of stuff to pick up from the grocery store. For the enchiladas, the list was:

red corn tortillas
one large can of wolf brand chili

Mexican food in Texas is very different from Mexican food in California. :)

ps. They were pretty good. But I think I still like Californian Mexican food better. I miss those little tacos with the carne asada, onions, and cilantro that you squeeze lime on before eating...

know how i know i live in texas?

Yesterday I had to go to court because of my expired truck registration. Since I got it renewed and went to court, it was dismissed and I had to pay a very small fine, so it wasn't particularly a big deal.

But know how I know I live in Texas?

I had to park my truck on the gravel for my court date.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

wednesday wonders

Here's your weekly edition of [my] humpday happiness!

...hearing a song I haven't heard in AGES and suddenly remembering a different time and place and it making me smile.
...text messages from K when I haven't seen him in a day or so. How cute is it that I have a boyfriend who sent a message that says "I love you" repeated 20 times?
...emails from my friend Splenda. I heart emails. I also heart my friend Splenda.
...rainy weather. hair is looking really good these days thanks to a lovely cut and the purchase of anti-frizz serum.
...explaining all of the rotten things that happened yesterday and realizing that even so, it didn't feel like all that bad of a day at the end, just long.
...Tate the iPod is STILL WORKING even though I totally dropped it at least twice in the past two weeks.
...Grey's Anatomy is aired again on Friday nights. This is fabulous because I forgot to change my vcr clock and recorded the wrong couple of hours last Thursday. At least The Office was a rerun!
...a single iced venti nonfat cafe con leche on a day when I need a caffiene (even if it's psychosomatic) and sugar boost.
...cinnamon roll flavored instant oatmeal. amazing new sheets that are brilliantly striped with red, white, orange, pink, and yellow. They may sound hideous, but I heart them. Also, they're not hideous.
...dinner with my parents and niece and nephew. My niece was tired of hearing me talking and proclaimed it was her turn to tell a story since she works at a hospital too. My nephew wears Cars underwear over his diapers.
...a very cute puppy licking my bare toes.
...K letting me play with his crazy curly hair.
...NPR, especially in the afternoons (which I never get to hear which makes it a double treat)
...having seven books on hold at the library.
...making decisions that are slowly but surely getting me to happy goals.
...I put my work desk back how it was originally. Well, Mike did at least. But the end result is definitely a source of happiness.
...a particularly rude customer came through the drive-thru last night and as he drove around, the guy who was making the drinks said "Hey Melissa? Did he say decaf? Because I heard decaf" as he handed me the order.
...having people I can depend on.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

this is your life, are you who you want to be?

Last week or the week before was particularly rough, for a lot of reasons that I simply will not go into here. I had a tough conversation with K that we needed to have and we both had things we needed to talk to each other about. One of the things I needed to tell him was that he was driving me crazy by asking me when I was going to be in school and why I wasn't right now so on and so forth. I explained why I wasn't and then he explained why he's been asking me, and he was absolutely right in it being kind of a big issue.

I can't just jump into school right this second unless I do University of Phoenix, but I just have this uneasy feeling about it that I can't shake no matter how much I talk to admissions or read stuff online from former students and it's also very expensive. But, his whole thought process behind it made me start really thinking about a lot of things and I've been trying to do the stuff I've been meaning to do for awhile.

So far I have:
-Gotten my hair cut (trimmed, whatever).
-Taken out my belly button ring (which has left a giant hole that isn't necessarily cute, but oh well I suppose).
-Found out the dates for summer session and am checking back every few days to see if I can register yet.
-Cut back on snacking at work (mainly Starbucks overnight shifts, but sometimes I snack at my other job because I need a break from just sitting at a computer) as phase one of getting into shape.
-Came up with a plausible work-out plan to start later this week.
-Curbed random spending and came up with a way for this trend to continue.
-Deposited extra money into my seperate savings account ($20 from my Sbux paycheck automatically goes in there already, which is better than nothing but I could do better if I just paid more attention to what I'm spending on).
-Am working on getting up earlier to curb morning time grumpiness from having to rush around and be around a lot of cars on my way to work.
-Spoken up for myself a little more at work (asking that one nurse to please call me Melissa instead of Mel)
-Got my mom a birthday present (it was in December! She wasn't here, but still, how embarassing)
-Reserved some books at the library (it's like setting up a movie que for books but it's free!)
-Went to see a counselor.
-Took a few days off from both jobs to sleep in, spend time with K, and write in my journal. This is most assuredly a rare luxery, but it was needed at the time and I had the courage to speak up for myself to make it happen and am ridiculously glad I did.

Some stuff I still need to do:
-Orgainze and clean out my music and movie collection.
-Organize and clean out my closet. It is seriously out of control.
-Figure out a good way to stay on top of keeping my apartment clean. A schedule? Just being better about cleaning as I go? It's not that it's a disaster, it's just that I'm lazy and can't really take entire days to clean it from top to bottom like I did a month-ish ago.
-Plan out meals and snacks that are better for my health and better for my budget. I've made some good steps in the right direction, but I have a ways to go.
-Take a weekend off to spend time with K doing nothing.
-Think about seeing a doctor for my back.
-Make another appointment with a counselor as more of a maintenance thing.
-Go to school, have a plan for graduation, and look at graduate programs.
-Figure out what to do about my jobs. Do I just stay where I'm at? Do I keep one and quit the other? Do I scrap both and find a new one or two? How do I decide?

Now, to be clear, K didn't ask me to do all of this or insinuate that I have a lot of stuff I really need to work on in order to be good enough for him. He just made me realize that I've been meaning to do an awful lot of things that I have pushed aside for no apparent or good reason. This is my life, and how it is right now is not entirely what I want it to be. I am not who I would like to be. I've got some good pieces in place, but instead of stopping there, I need to fit the rest of them in as well.

Monday, March 19, 2007

too much information

Yesterday I stopped by Starbucks and got a single venti iced cafe con leche. Then I went to my parent's house and we had salmon, aspargus, and risotto for dinner followed by a large and delicious cup of decaf espresso roast.

A few hours later I had to pee like no other and it had a horrific odor.

Moral: Do not drink that much coffee and eat that much asparagus (I had a lot, it was delicious) and expect your urine to be normal.

movie review monday: true romance

True Romance

Quentin Tarantino scripted this wild and wooly blend of action and dark comedy, which reached theaters a year before his breakthrough hit Pulp Fiction. Clarence Worley (Christian Slater) is a well-meaning but socially unskilled comic-shop clerk whose idea of a big night out is catching a Sonny Chiba triple-feature at a downtown grindhouse. Clarence is celebrating his birthday in just such a manner when he meets a beautiful girl named Alabama (Patricia Arquette), and it's love at first sight for both of them. Clarence's enthusiasm isn't dampened much when he discovers Alabama is actually a prostitute who was paid by his boss to bump into him; she's only been in the business for a few days, and is more than eager to give up streetwalking to be with Clarence. However, Alabama is certain her pimp, Drexl (Gary Oldman), will not be happy; he's an ill-mannered sort with mob connections and a fondness for violence. Chivalrous Clarence offers to break the news to Drexl and collect her belongings, but he doesn't tell her he also plans to kill Drexl while he's there; a melee breaks out that leaves Drexl and his henchmen dead. Clarence grabs a suitcase that he thinks contains Alabama's clothes, but he discovers it instead holds five million dollars' worth of cocaine. The couple hits the road for California, planning to sell the dope and enjoy the good life in South America with the proceeds, but soon a group of very unhappy underworld characters are after them, as well as the police. True Romance also stars Dennis Hopper as Clarence's father, Christopher Walken as a mob boss who wants his cocaine back, Brad Pitt as a cheerful stoner, and Val Kilmer as the ghost of Elvis Presley. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Running Time: 121 mins

Quentin Tarantino annoys the crap out of me. The only time I've ever seen him in something that I felt like he did a good job was when he made a few cameo appearances in Alias. That character was SUPPOSED to be ridiculously annoying but smart at the same time and he was the perfect guy to play a slimeball like that. I have a similar problem with Christopher Walkin in that these are people who don't really act. Rather, they show up to the shoot and have different lines and interactions for the same role they always play. Also, Tarantino's movies are kind of all similar to each other. Over the top violence, language, and sex. They kind of look the same, the same type of story line is there, and they tend to sound the same as well. I've seen the "classic" Tarantino movies and it's hit or miss. Pulp Fiction was alright but seeing it did make a bunch of other movies/tv shows funnier because I got the references they were making. Kill Bill was cool, but I liked Volume 2 about a gazillion times more than Volume 1. Etcetera.

With all of that said, I LOVED this movie. I didn't think I would but K kept telling me I would. I read the summary and thought it sounded ridiculous and there was no way I'd enjoy it but figured it was worth a shot. K has aquired all the kung-fu movies they talked about at the beginning of True Romance and I think it's his aim to have a quadruple feature one day.

There is gratutitous violence, sex, and language, but for whatever reason it all works together. Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette are great and Arquette is especially adorable as Alabama. And hey, Brad Pitt is there and as gorgeous as ever. Heh.

It's completely bizarre, but this story is actually a terrific example of true romance. If you have a hard time with violence, and especially hand to hand combat, I don't reccommend the movie, but otherwise, give it a whirl.

Rating 3 of 4 stars

Saturday, March 17, 2007

a better list

Here's a nicer list of five:

Five Great Things About My Apartment:

1. I live by myself. Someday I hope this will change, but for now, it's kind of awesome knowing that it will be quiet when I get home and that I can sit in the living room for a bit or just go straight to bed and not make small talk or hurt anyone's feelings.

2. I can walk around naked any time I want. Although I imagine if I were to be living with K this would not change. I doubt I'd clean naked if he was around though. That's so incredibly weird, but so awesome that I do it in secret anyway.

3. It looks like my home. I love opening the door and seeing that I have transformed a living space into something that says "Melissa."

4. It is small but big enough to hold my stuff. There's enough room to invite people over even if I don't have a hallway.

5. I'm really proud of being able to work and earn money to pay rent. I don't know, I just am. :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

i guess this is my tantrum

This will most assuredly get deleted later on but for now, I feel like there are things that must be said.

Five Things I Am Effing Sick Of:

1. Coming to work in what one might think would be a professional environment only to be surrounded by petty drama and stupid STUPID shit.

2. K's roommate being a jealous bitch who gets away with making rules about things that everyone else has to adhere to lest she go on a screaming rampage or refuse to take K home even though she's already at his store or "accidently" pressing all the dial keys when I call while she's "looking" for K.

3. People coming to me and telling me that they were really impressed with how classy I was in the midst of a retarded situation. The retarded situation being yelled at when the entire thing had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me and me just standing there trying to figure out what to do. While it was awesome that I got told the next day that it's cool how I always take the classy route, I AM SICK OF IT. Why do I always have to take the classy route? How come I can't throw tantrums with no consequences like everyone around me can and does? I guess this is my tantrum.

4. Dropping everything I'm doing to take care of someone else's needs and then not having them do anything remotely close to it for me later. All I really need is to be acknowledged and appreciated and a phone call would accomplish that. And you know what? Sometimes I don't feel like postponing everything I had planned to take care of someone else but I DO IT ANYWAY BECAUSE I LOVE THEM. Pick up the damn phone.

5. Working two jobs. I just wish I had my weekends free again. But I need the money unless I completely stop going out to eat and to the movies and also cut back on my cell phone plan and maybe internet/cable. It isn't that this is outlandish, but I haven't decided which is more worth it. Working 65 hours a week and being able to get all my bills paid on time without holding my breath, helping my boyfriend out, and being able to put more money into savings or working 40 hours a week and actually having time to do other things besides working during the week.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

wednesday wonders

...time off for mental health days.
...a good haircut. I got three inches cut off, but you might not necessarily notice that. My hair just looks a lot better.
...anti-frizz serum. Good heavens I've never had frizzy hair like this before.
...rain and thunder and lightning yesterday on my day off. I'm not entirely keen on the thunder, but it doesn't scare me as much as it did this time last year. It was lovely to lay on my bed and listen to the rain pour down and it was the perfect excuse to not really go anywhere and just be lazy (mostly anyway--I did get some stuff done but not much) at home which is probably what I actually needed more than anything else. mom read my niece a story and then my niece sat next to my parent's new puppy and "read" it to him.
...a Sex and the City marathon.
...coming back to work to see personal emails. calendar. It's all animals made out of fruits and vegetables and it is fantasticly cute!
...(censored mushy things about K that should probably count as about ten wonderful wednesday things)
...time spent wandering around Sephora. juice.
...hummus and wheat tortillas (because HEB apparently doesn't carry pita bread) as a midmorning snack.
...bras that offer shape and support.
...I found a messed up George Washington dollar coin!
...feeling like I'm going to be okay again. truck has new oil! truck has new windsheild wiper blades that are AWESOME
...going to the library and getting books for me and K.
...laying on the couch daydreaming.

Monday, March 12, 2007

no movie review today, sorry...

Last night I got to spend some ridiculously great quality time with K. Today I went by his store just as he was clocking out for a little bit and got to spend even more time with him, just curled up and talking. I think there's time for us to do something tomorrow and the next day and I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

I love him. It's a ridiculous, inconvenient, and consuming love. And the best part is that it's mutual.

That's all. :)

Friday, March 9, 2007

five contemplations regarding my impending haircut

1. My hair is very long right now. Longer than it has been in years and years. It's kind of awesome.

2. It is frizzy or maybe splint end-ish or SOMETHING and starting to drive me crazy. But it's long and that's kind of awesome.

3. I look good with short crazy hair and do it well. It's kind of fun to just have messy hair. When it's awesome messy and out of control and not just plain OUT OF CONTROL like it has been lately.

4. K would like it if I kept it long-ish but would still make out with me if I chopped it all off.

5. If I just layer it up, it will look a million times better. But is that really enough of a change for me these days? I guess I'll find out Tuesday!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

wednesday wonders

This week has been fairly overwhelming and should only continue to get worse. So this list might be a little shorter than usual. But there are things to be happy about anyway, so here we go!

...rediscovering music artists while at work listing to my iPod which IS STILL WORKING!
...first morning pees. Oh, you may have made a digusted face just now, but think about it for a second. It's a delight to stumble bleary eyed to the bathroom and empty your bladder. That's probably one of the delights of pregnancy, finding a bathroom just before you feel like your bladder is finally going to just burst and getting to let it all out.
...I have an appointment to get my hair cut next week. mom and dad came over for dinner and I had a really good time with them.
...regardless of anything else, my store manager and one of the assistant managers are AWESOME.

Monday, March 5, 2007

February Movie/DVD recap

Movies and tv shows on DVD I watched in February:

Ironically, I was watching TONS and then started doing recaps and slowed down immensely. I guess picking up that second job will do that to a girl.

American Pie 2

Funny, not as morally offensive as you might think. :)

Six Feet Under: Season 4
I worked at Blockbuster forever ago and I got five free rentals a week. After I gorged myself on new releases and realized there weren't any I wanted to see for awhile, I started renting tv shows it seemed everyone was talking about but I had never seen. I started with Sex and the City and became immediately addicted to that one. I think one of the instore trailer videos had something about Six Feet Under, so that was my next tv show selection.

It's a completely bizarre tv show about a family who runs a funeral home. But the family is the most ridiculously screwed up group of people you've ever seen. It's morbid and often mildly disturbing and includes a lot of sex and drugs and inappropriate language. But I find myself compelled to see all of the series. I just want to know what happens next. This won't be a tv show that I actually buy to be able to watch any old time I want (like SATC) but there's one more season to be watched and I am considering bumping it up to the top of the Blockbuster que even though that's quite the selfish thing to do when that que is for both me and K. We'll see. :)

Season 4 did not disappoint, and I've heard season 5 is quite the doozy.

The Office: Season 2

I LOVE THIS SHOW. I liked it when it first started but always forgot when it was on. I tried to get my parents into it, but they still think it's far too weird. I think it's hilariously weird. I need to buy both seasons because I can literally watch the same episode two times in a row and still laugh the next day when I watch it a third time. That's one of the reasons I liked it so much just watching it on tv, it was the one show that made me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME, and not just say to myself "Oh, that was funny."

Please, seriously, rent season two and watch it. Or just tune into the current season on tv. It's HILARIOUS. I wish everyone watched it so we could exchange quips. Luckily, I have one person at each job that is addicted and enthralled by The Office.

Sex and the City: Season 4
I do this thing where in order to help me wind down at night, I often put a very familiar movie or tv show on in my room and set the sleep timer on my tv. SATC is perfect because with the exception of Season 6, I've seen every episode so many times that I know I won't be missing anything if I fall asleep. I bet none of the writers and whatnot ever thought of the show as a plausible lullaby. Heh.

Season 4 is a good one. Carrie and Aiden get back together and then split again, Samantha starts working for Richard, Charlotte and Trey get back together and then split, Miranda is pregnant, and Carrie also apparently loses her hairbrush in a few episodes. My third all time favorite episode is in this season. It's called The Good Fight. When Carrie and Aiden are yelling at each other in the bathroom, Carrie looks like a little pixie with all her jumping around and arm waving. It's awesome.

For the record, number one is in Season 6: A Woman's Right to Shoes, and number two is in Season 2: The Man, the Myth, the Viagra.

A very good war movie that is tense but well done. Rentable and enjoyable. See it!

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
It's a Will Farrel movie, so it kind of has a plot but mostly is just hysterical. Ricky Bobby is a race car driver and a little messed up in the head. A French race car driver threatens his career and he must stage a comeback to get his wife and riches back. My favorite parts are when he prays because he prays to the Baby Jesus since that's the one he likes the best. You won't be inspired or anything by this movie, but it's enjoyable if you like SNL and Will Farrel.

It's basically a chick flick with cool cintematic effects.

Pan's LabrynthThis movie was FANTASTIC. A bit choppy in some parts, but amazingly beautiful and captivating. A girl who is 10-ish moves with her mom during World War I to her new stepfather's home. He's a monster of a man battling rebels hiding in the nearby woods. The girl goes exploring and finds a labrynth made of stone and a fawn inside who tells her she is a queen but must complete three tasks before the next full moon to prove she hasn't become mortal. It's capivating and brilliant and heart wrenching all in the couple of hours it lasts on the screen. It's in Spanish, but is one of those amazing foriegn films that is so good at drawing you into the story that you quickly forget you're reading along. The ending leaves a few conclusions for the viewer to come to, each as plausible as the last. I completely reccommend this movie to everyone except children. It's a pretty dark movie with adult themes that would be overwhelming even though the main character is a child.

The Number 23Nice little suspense movie. I wanted to send K a text message the next day that said "The number 23 really is everywhere! It took me this many steps to get from my truck to my desk and if you multiply that by this, subtract this, and add those numbers together, it's 23!" But that is really kind of a lot of work to put into a snide comment, so I just sent "The number 23 is everywhere!" instead. Good times.

movie review monday: the number 23

The Number 23

Upon acquiring a mysterious book in which the number "twenty-three" seems to take on powerful cosmic significance, a once-sane man gradually becomes obsessed with the idea that the frequently recurring number may in fact hold a deadly secret in this intense mystery thriller starring Jim Carrey and Virginia Madsen, and directed by Joel Schumacher. Walter Sparrow is a middle-aged dog catcher whose wife Agatha has bestowed him with an obscure mystery novel detailing the investigation launched by a tough-talking gumshoe named Fingerling whose every move seems to be overshadowed by the enigmatic eponymous number. After noting a series of alarming parallels shared between the fictional detective and himself, Walter is quickly drawn in to the story as the hard-boiled private investigator murders raven-wigged moll Fabrizia and pins the crime on her unsuspecting lover. Back in the real world, fiction seems to merge with reality as Walter and Agatha's close friend Isaac begins to ingratiate himself ever deeper into the couple's relationship and Walter begins experiencing a gruesome series of visions in which he violently murders an unfaithful Agatha. His mind fast descending into a dark and violent whirlwind of madness, Walter enlists the aid of Agatha and the pair's adolescent son Robin in seeking out the author of the mysterious tome and uncovering the sinister truth behind the so-called "23 enigma." ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
Running Time: 1 hour 37 minutes

This movie is still in theaters and quite the enjoyable flick. Tense, but not too scary (I only like psychological thrillers, and do not like scary movies in the theater because I am a pansy). I saw it last week with K. We'd seen a preview for it AGES ago and I was intrigued because of the story line but also because it has Jim Carrey in it. He's really come a long way as a dramatic actor and I was curious to see what he would do with a thriller-ish movie. I wasn't disappointed.

There are twists and turns but if you watch this kind of movie or read this kind of book a lot, you may be able to guess how it ends. It didn't blow me out of the water, but I was so engrossed in just what was happening in general that I wasn't actively trying to guess what would be next. To me, this is the mark of a good thriller/suspense movie. There were a couple of parts where it was a little funnier than I think it was supposed to be because of Jim Carrey specfically overacting, but I liked it overall.

It's kind of funny though how well this movie displays the fact if you look for something hard enough, it will suddenly be all you can see and think about. I'm sure there are several life implications I could discuss here, but really, I'll just go with recommending the movie. It's worth a matinee ticket in the theater. Save the dough on the ticket and get yourself some popcorn. :)

Rating: 2.5 of 4 stars. A little bloody, a lot disturbing, but a good story and well acted (minus those few scenes here and there where you know you're supposed to laugh but you kind of do).

Friday, March 2, 2007

five things i started to make lists of but couldn't think of a fifth thing

1. Five Ways To Not Be Legendary at Starbucks.

2. Five Things I Do Every Weekday.

3. Five Reasons Why I Love Living on the First Floor.

4. Five Reasons My Hair is Driving Me CRAZY.

5. Five Awesome Lines From The Office I Wish I Could Fit Into Everyday Conversation.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

so what have you been thinking about lately?

I remember the first time K asked me this, I answered with something trivial, and he was really asking me about what I was really thinking about. The way in which girls stereotypically ask. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that when I don't share enough of what is running through my head, what I'm contemplating and working through, he will ask me to tell him what I've been thinking about. Throughout our relationship, I have been amazed by how genuinely interested he is in me. That probably sounds kind of dumb, but the thing is that with all the guys I've dated or been close friends with, not many of them have made me feel like they are intently paying attention to me, what I'm doing, and who I am. I realize that is narcissistic. At the same time though, I pay fairly close attention to my friends. Through the years I have come to expect that those around me will not know my middle name or favorite color or favorite play list at work even though I will often know that kind of information about them. One of the ways K stands out in my life is he knows these kinds of things about me.

If I idly tell him about an idea I have for a project, he'll ask me questions and then later on will ask me where I'm at on making it happen. We often just get one soda to share at the movies and the other day he just handed it to me before I had a chance to ask for it. He can tell when something is bothering me, sometimes before I've even figured out exactly what it is. He's one of a handful of people who hasn't tried to figure me out, but has just let me be me. Sure, sometimes I annoy him or frustrate him, but that happens with everyone.

So, what have I been thinking about lately? I'm one of the luckiest and happiest people I know. I accidently met a man who changed my life for the better when I was least expecting it. When he looks at me, I feel beautiful. I've never known love like this before. I hope everyone gets to have at least one person they can just completely be themselves around and feel appreciated and loved for it because it is fabulous.