Friday, March 30, 2007

five fun things about hanging out with my mom

1. We went to Sephora because I had gotten her a giftcard there for a very belated birthday present. Neither of us are hardcore girly girls, but we both have our moments. It was deliciously fun to show her all the stuff I like to look at when I have time to wander around Sephora.

2. She liked the Philosophy line of body wash etc as much as I do and decided we should both get some. She chose Margarita for a bubble bath in her awesomely gigantic tub and I chose Apple to have something crisp but not overwhelming to wake up to in the shower each day.

3. I can talk to her about stuff that's going on in my life and she is often impressed with how I'm handling it. This makes me feel a lot better because sometimes I am struggling with both the situation and how to go about doing something about it and it's lovely to get that kind of encouragement from someone who knows you that well.

4. P.F. Chang's. We probably should have gotten some martinis to go with our meal, but our teas were pretty good too. The new wonton they have there wasn't all that great, but the lemon chicken with broccoli was DELICIOUS.

5. My mom is a person to me who has struggles and triumphs, good moments and weak ones, and isn't afraid to laugh or cry. If you would have told me when I was fifteen that I would look at her as a friend down the road, I would have rolled my eyes. But now, I love that we get to both be adults and can relate to each other as women. Sometimes I still find myself just wanting my mom, but more often, I am glad to get to talk to her as a friend.

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tina said...

I second that. When my mom and I became friends, it was one of the greatest things ever!