Wednesday, March 28, 2007

wednesday wonders

My weekly list of fantastic things:

...I'm pretty much only working two days a week at Starbucks which gives me enough hours and the flexibility to pick up one more shift if I need/want it.
...when my boyfriend thinks I'm being crazy, he doesn't say so until later. I can tell he thinks I've lost it but he'll let me say what I think it is I need to say and then later tell me I was being ridiculous. This is ridiculously amazing to me and one of the many reasons I love him so much.
...I'm meeting my mom tomorrow at La Cantera where we will go to Sephora and be girly together.
...this week I've been coming into work and getting a series of things done and THEN going and eating breakfast. While it might be a little better for me to eat sooner, the actual break and few minutes away have done wonders for my mental well being. So, yay for that!
...I've had time to watch some movies. Yay for my Blockbuster Online actually being a value this month!
...peanut butter cookies. The soft kind.
...this story, especially the picture
...the song Sleep by Plumb.
...lengthy MySpace messages from friends I haven't talked to in YEARS.
...air conditioning. Even if it's not all that hot, it'll suck the icky humidity right out of my truck in like two minutes flat.
...cell phones. Especially when people are not afraid of letting calls go to voicemail.
...walking instead of taking the shuttle.
...rain and thunderstorms.
...when I asked him how he'd be about me chopping all my hair off, K asked me if I'd still make out with him. I said of course and he said "Well, what difference does it make then?"
...speaking of K, we've been together for a year. AN ENTIRE YEAR. That is always significant, but with everything that has happened, I think it's especially significant to us. I'm sure everyone thinks that about their relationships though. :)
...having a book que at the library. It's both awesome AND free!
...really really hot showers.
...picking up some overtime hours at my job that pays a lot more. It's just enough to make a nice difference in my paycheck without making me feel I'm part of the living dead.
...I know there are people who specifically look forward to Wednesday Wonders.


tina said...

I love your wednesday wonders list. After reading yours, I always wish I could do one of my own... I know my lists would always be really short though. Guess that's just the pessimist in me. hehe

m3li558 said...

Oh, sometimes I have to stretch for things. Or it takes me about eight hours of adding one or two things at at ime, doing something else, and then coming back to it. But I like it because in the midst of a crappy day I can remember there was good stuff that happened. That's the cynic in me trying to be an optimistic.