Friday, March 16, 2007

i guess this is my tantrum

This will most assuredly get deleted later on but for now, I feel like there are things that must be said.

Five Things I Am Effing Sick Of:

1. Coming to work in what one might think would be a professional environment only to be surrounded by petty drama and stupid STUPID shit.

2. K's roommate being a jealous bitch who gets away with making rules about things that everyone else has to adhere to lest she go on a screaming rampage or refuse to take K home even though she's already at his store or "accidently" pressing all the dial keys when I call while she's "looking" for K.

3. People coming to me and telling me that they were really impressed with how classy I was in the midst of a retarded situation. The retarded situation being yelled at when the entire thing had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me and me just standing there trying to figure out what to do. While it was awesome that I got told the next day that it's cool how I always take the classy route, I AM SICK OF IT. Why do I always have to take the classy route? How come I can't throw tantrums with no consequences like everyone around me can and does? I guess this is my tantrum.

4. Dropping everything I'm doing to take care of someone else's needs and then not having them do anything remotely close to it for me later. All I really need is to be acknowledged and appreciated and a phone call would accomplish that. And you know what? Sometimes I don't feel like postponing everything I had planned to take care of someone else but I DO IT ANYWAY BECAUSE I LOVE THEM. Pick up the damn phone.

5. Working two jobs. I just wish I had my weekends free again. But I need the money unless I completely stop going out to eat and to the movies and also cut back on my cell phone plan and maybe internet/cable. It isn't that this is outlandish, but I haven't decided which is more worth it. Working 65 hours a week and being able to get all my bills paid on time without holding my breath, helping my boyfriend out, and being able to put more money into savings or working 40 hours a week and actually having time to do other things besides working during the week.

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