Saturday, March 17, 2007

a better list

Here's a nicer list of five:

Five Great Things About My Apartment:

1. I live by myself. Someday I hope this will change, but for now, it's kind of awesome knowing that it will be quiet when I get home and that I can sit in the living room for a bit or just go straight to bed and not make small talk or hurt anyone's feelings.

2. I can walk around naked any time I want. Although I imagine if I were to be living with K this would not change. I doubt I'd clean naked if he was around though. That's so incredibly weird, but so awesome that I do it in secret anyway.

3. It looks like my home. I love opening the door and seeing that I have transformed a living space into something that says "Melissa."

4. It is small but big enough to hold my stuff. There's enough room to invite people over even if I don't have a hallway.

5. I'm really proud of being able to work and earn money to pay rent. I don't know, I just am. :)

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