Friday, March 23, 2007

friday five!

Five Fantastically Random Delightful Things From This Week:

1. Tina is engaged! And she called me personally to tell me! I super hope I can go to the wedding because that is simply FANTASTIC!

2. One of my very best friends from high school, Jenny, just found me on MySpace! We were friends in Japan and she moved to Virginia and then I moved to Northern California and then she moved to Florida and then I moved to Southern California and then she moved back to Japan but a different part and I moved back to Northern California and then back to Southern California and then to Texas. Somewhere inbetween my California moves and her Japan move (actually, I think she might have lived in Korea for a bit too...), we lost touch, but now we're MySpace friends and I am SUPER STOKED!

3. K and I had an amazingly good time together over the past two days, during which time he outlined his plan for where to live in a few months and how that affects us. It's a very good plan and it makes me very happy. Things with his roommate have made me feel a lot of tension in general, but especially over the past month. It's all going to dissipate very very soon which kind of makes it bearable until then. And to be clear, it's not even that I don't want her in his life anymore or that she won't be around, it's simply that they won't be living together anymore and that will be a HUGE difference. And it's going to have a huge impact on my life for the better. It's kickass that K finally realized how much she affects me too.

4. I think I made a good decision about my jobs and I kind of bounced it off my mom and she thought it was a fantastic conclusion and said she would have given up at least a week ago if not before then.

5. The cafeteria where I work is ridiculously cheap and you can get free soda if you bring your own cup. I realize I have mentioned this before, but after having spent less than five dollars on breakfast, a snack, and lunch today, I just have to say that is freaking AWESOME. Yay for cheap food! Also, I have leftovers in my fridge that I am excited about partking of for dinner. Yay for not spending money!

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