Friday, March 9, 2007

five contemplations regarding my impending haircut

1. My hair is very long right now. Longer than it has been in years and years. It's kind of awesome.

2. It is frizzy or maybe splint end-ish or SOMETHING and starting to drive me crazy. But it's long and that's kind of awesome.

3. I look good with short crazy hair and do it well. It's kind of fun to just have messy hair. When it's awesome messy and out of control and not just plain OUT OF CONTROL like it has been lately.

4. K would like it if I kept it long-ish but would still make out with me if I chopped it all off.

5. If I just layer it up, it will look a million times better. But is that really enough of a change for me these days? I guess I'll find out Tuesday!

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