Monday, March 5, 2007

February Movie/DVD recap

Movies and tv shows on DVD I watched in February:

Ironically, I was watching TONS and then started doing recaps and slowed down immensely. I guess picking up that second job will do that to a girl.

American Pie 2

Funny, not as morally offensive as you might think. :)

Six Feet Under: Season 4
I worked at Blockbuster forever ago and I got five free rentals a week. After I gorged myself on new releases and realized there weren't any I wanted to see for awhile, I started renting tv shows it seemed everyone was talking about but I had never seen. I started with Sex and the City and became immediately addicted to that one. I think one of the instore trailer videos had something about Six Feet Under, so that was my next tv show selection.

It's a completely bizarre tv show about a family who runs a funeral home. But the family is the most ridiculously screwed up group of people you've ever seen. It's morbid and often mildly disturbing and includes a lot of sex and drugs and inappropriate language. But I find myself compelled to see all of the series. I just want to know what happens next. This won't be a tv show that I actually buy to be able to watch any old time I want (like SATC) but there's one more season to be watched and I am considering bumping it up to the top of the Blockbuster que even though that's quite the selfish thing to do when that que is for both me and K. We'll see. :)

Season 4 did not disappoint, and I've heard season 5 is quite the doozy.

The Office: Season 2

I LOVE THIS SHOW. I liked it when it first started but always forgot when it was on. I tried to get my parents into it, but they still think it's far too weird. I think it's hilariously weird. I need to buy both seasons because I can literally watch the same episode two times in a row and still laugh the next day when I watch it a third time. That's one of the reasons I liked it so much just watching it on tv, it was the one show that made me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME, and not just say to myself "Oh, that was funny."

Please, seriously, rent season two and watch it. Or just tune into the current season on tv. It's HILARIOUS. I wish everyone watched it so we could exchange quips. Luckily, I have one person at each job that is addicted and enthralled by The Office.

Sex and the City: Season 4
I do this thing where in order to help me wind down at night, I often put a very familiar movie or tv show on in my room and set the sleep timer on my tv. SATC is perfect because with the exception of Season 6, I've seen every episode so many times that I know I won't be missing anything if I fall asleep. I bet none of the writers and whatnot ever thought of the show as a plausible lullaby. Heh.

Season 4 is a good one. Carrie and Aiden get back together and then split again, Samantha starts working for Richard, Charlotte and Trey get back together and then split, Miranda is pregnant, and Carrie also apparently loses her hairbrush in a few episodes. My third all time favorite episode is in this season. It's called The Good Fight. When Carrie and Aiden are yelling at each other in the bathroom, Carrie looks like a little pixie with all her jumping around and arm waving. It's awesome.

For the record, number one is in Season 6: A Woman's Right to Shoes, and number two is in Season 2: The Man, the Myth, the Viagra.

A very good war movie that is tense but well done. Rentable and enjoyable. See it!

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
It's a Will Farrel movie, so it kind of has a plot but mostly is just hysterical. Ricky Bobby is a race car driver and a little messed up in the head. A French race car driver threatens his career and he must stage a comeback to get his wife and riches back. My favorite parts are when he prays because he prays to the Baby Jesus since that's the one he likes the best. You won't be inspired or anything by this movie, but it's enjoyable if you like SNL and Will Farrel.

It's basically a chick flick with cool cintematic effects.

Pan's LabrynthThis movie was FANTASTIC. A bit choppy in some parts, but amazingly beautiful and captivating. A girl who is 10-ish moves with her mom during World War I to her new stepfather's home. He's a monster of a man battling rebels hiding in the nearby woods. The girl goes exploring and finds a labrynth made of stone and a fawn inside who tells her she is a queen but must complete three tasks before the next full moon to prove she hasn't become mortal. It's capivating and brilliant and heart wrenching all in the couple of hours it lasts on the screen. It's in Spanish, but is one of those amazing foriegn films that is so good at drawing you into the story that you quickly forget you're reading along. The ending leaves a few conclusions for the viewer to come to, each as plausible as the last. I completely reccommend this movie to everyone except children. It's a pretty dark movie with adult themes that would be overwhelming even though the main character is a child.

The Number 23Nice little suspense movie. I wanted to send K a text message the next day that said "The number 23 really is everywhere! It took me this many steps to get from my truck to my desk and if you multiply that by this, subtract this, and add those numbers together, it's 23!" But that is really kind of a lot of work to put into a snide comment, so I just sent "The number 23 is everywhere!" instead. Good times.

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