Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ipod update!

Yesterday, I was trying to select a different album to listen to on Tate my iPod and I hit the button too many times while not paying attention only to realize my photos were loading! It seems as if all the functionality of my iPod has mysteriously returned. The only other step is to try syncing it with my laptop (which also has a name: Blossom. Get it? Because it's an Apple...) and seeing what happens. At this point, it will either explode or it will simply work and I will shake my head in amusement and wonder before yelling some happy exclaimation like "Kickass!" Why didn't I try this yesterday you ask? Because I'm retarded and left my iPod at the hospital. Mike was staying late so I just called him and asked him to please rescue Tate from my desk lest anyone else help themselves to my iPod and all of it's glorious music. But I didn't get to try syncing it or get to wake up to a randomly selected song this morning. Oh well, there's always today/tomorrow for such events.

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