Wednesday, March 14, 2007

wednesday wonders

...time off for mental health days.
...a good haircut. I got three inches cut off, but you might not necessarily notice that. My hair just looks a lot better.
...anti-frizz serum. Good heavens I've never had frizzy hair like this before.
...rain and thunder and lightning yesterday on my day off. I'm not entirely keen on the thunder, but it doesn't scare me as much as it did this time last year. It was lovely to lay on my bed and listen to the rain pour down and it was the perfect excuse to not really go anywhere and just be lazy (mostly anyway--I did get some stuff done but not much) at home which is probably what I actually needed more than anything else. mom read my niece a story and then my niece sat next to my parent's new puppy and "read" it to him.
...a Sex and the City marathon.
...coming back to work to see personal emails. calendar. It's all animals made out of fruits and vegetables and it is fantasticly cute!
...(censored mushy things about K that should probably count as about ten wonderful wednesday things)
...time spent wandering around Sephora. juice.
...hummus and wheat tortillas (because HEB apparently doesn't carry pita bread) as a midmorning snack.
...bras that offer shape and support.
...I found a messed up George Washington dollar coin!
...feeling like I'm going to be okay again. truck has new oil! truck has new windsheild wiper blades that are AWESOME
...going to the library and getting books for me and K.
...laying on the couch daydreaming.

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:) A nice random read