Wednesday, March 21, 2007

wednesday wonders

Here's your weekly edition of [my] humpday happiness!

...hearing a song I haven't heard in AGES and suddenly remembering a different time and place and it making me smile.
...text messages from K when I haven't seen him in a day or so. How cute is it that I have a boyfriend who sent a message that says "I love you" repeated 20 times?
...emails from my friend Splenda. I heart emails. I also heart my friend Splenda.
...rainy weather. hair is looking really good these days thanks to a lovely cut and the purchase of anti-frizz serum.
...explaining all of the rotten things that happened yesterday and realizing that even so, it didn't feel like all that bad of a day at the end, just long.
...Tate the iPod is STILL WORKING even though I totally dropped it at least twice in the past two weeks.
...Grey's Anatomy is aired again on Friday nights. This is fabulous because I forgot to change my vcr clock and recorded the wrong couple of hours last Thursday. At least The Office was a rerun!
...a single iced venti nonfat cafe con leche on a day when I need a caffiene (even if it's psychosomatic) and sugar boost.
...cinnamon roll flavored instant oatmeal. amazing new sheets that are brilliantly striped with red, white, orange, pink, and yellow. They may sound hideous, but I heart them. Also, they're not hideous.
...dinner with my parents and niece and nephew. My niece was tired of hearing me talking and proclaimed it was her turn to tell a story since she works at a hospital too. My nephew wears Cars underwear over his diapers.
...a very cute puppy licking my bare toes.
...K letting me play with his crazy curly hair.
...NPR, especially in the afternoons (which I never get to hear which makes it a double treat)
...having seven books on hold at the library.
...making decisions that are slowly but surely getting me to happy goals.
...I put my work desk back how it was originally. Well, Mike did at least. But the end result is definitely a source of happiness.
...a particularly rude customer came through the drive-thru last night and as he drove around, the guy who was making the drinks said "Hey Melissa? Did he say decaf? Because I heard decaf" as he handed me the order.
...having people I can depend on.

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