Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i'll find strength in pain and i will change my ways

I wanted a chocolate milkshake and a strawberry pie from Whataburger when I was on my way home tonight but I did not get either. On purpose, not just because.

I was hungry just now so I made a salad with tomatoes and some sliced almonds and some chicken and lowfat dressing.

I am really trying to give up soda completely and have made it two days so far. Which isn't a lot but you have to start small for it to add up to something eventually!

Some of the people I've met recently get together and do these insane workouts from Crossfit. And it's maybe kind of silly but I really want to do it too. But these workouts are seriously crazy and I am no where near fit. So, for now I'm trying to make better choices, give up soda, and do a lot of walking. And eventually I will get up the courage to ask if there's a way to modify some of those workouts for someone who wants to be a badass but needs some training wheels to get there!

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