Tuesday, May 31, 2011

shameless plug

I don't want to be annoying about this, but I could use some new customers or some new orders from some current customers.

Go to www.marykay.com/melissacalo-oy

Put in an order. You can even attach a payment if you'd like.

I will email or call you with your actual total that will be 20% off.

If you get a friend to also place an order, you'll get 20% off plus a special gift. Two free eye colors or a free lipstick or a free lip gloss.

I'm totally down for doing parties but I will just need a little bit of notice so I can find a baby-sitter for the kiddo. As a hostess, you will get a ton of free stuff. It's actually a pretty fun couple of hours too. I do a lot of show specials and will make sure everyone who comes gets a good deal.

Email or call me any time! No order is ever too small (or too big!)

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