Wednesday, May 4, 2011

humpday happiness!

A small list of things making me happy these days...

...C family hugs on the couch!
...Tuesday nights--my mom picks the kiddo up and I get to to go Bible study unencumbered. It's lovely!
...the Mominar I got to go to last weekend! husband kisses me good night every single night.
...S is a walking fool!
...using coupons. Not like in Extreme Couponing, but in a way that keeps a little more money in our pockets.
...clean clothes.
...the Royal Wedding! So pretty!
...starting Weight Watchers again. And really meaning it (again). And doing well so far this week.
...trying to blog every day in May.
...How I Met Your Mother. Even S likes to "sing" the theme song!
...Black Russians. Can you call it a Tan Russian if you put a tiny bit of cream in it? I don't think I can drink at bars anymore.
...Sparkling water.
...Craigy Ferg

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