Wednesday, May 18, 2011

humpday happiness!

A short list of things making me happy...

...lunch with my mom and my baby. They are crazy about each other and it's awesome.
...actually losing weight! Even though it's a drop in the bucket, it's a drop in the bucket!
...meeting so many completely cool moms lately.
..the little guy who is currently curled up in my lap, snoring.
...iced tea.
...mumford and sons
...being able to do laundry without a ginormous puddle of water on the floor! amazing husband's back rubs
...the way my husband sometimes comes home and tells me he missed me during the day (especially because I miss him during the day).
...Twitter (@meljamc) much shorter hair
...that insane rain we got last week!
...being able to take time to read real live books again.
...having three books that I actually own that I get to read and I'm excited about all three of them.
...making plans for my birthday already even though it's not even summer yet.
...trying out new recipes that end up being super yummy. kiddo eats like a champ now!
...air conditioning cold water coffee--I just kind of recently rediscovered it.

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