Wednesday, May 18, 2011

this is the stuff that drives me crazy

I've been thinking about the kinds of things I watch on tv and read.

We have a dvr and I've noticed that since we've had it, I watch WAY more tv than I ever did before. Sometimes I will record a series that looks interesting and then not be able to watch it until there's a handful of episodes on the dvr. Last week I caught up on a new show, Body of Proof, that is pretty good. I'm really glad the season finale is this week because I have to take a step back.

When S was first born and K had to go back to work and I started going places on my own with the baby, I would get irrationally afraid something awful was going to happen. I wouldn't go anywhere after the sun set because being out at night with my little baby made me super nervous and paranoid. And I would have horrible thoughts of hearing S crying and not being able to get to him for some reason. I didn't tell anyone because I thought I was crazy. It lessened over time (but there are still some places I just won't go after dark) and I found out a lot of new moms go through that.

Watching so many episodes of this show about a medical examiner made me start getting nervous that something awful was going to happen to me or my family. And I started thinking about the shows I watch and the stuff I read. I want to be influenced by positive and uplifting things. So shows about death and whatever are okay, but in really small doses. Definitely not in a five epsiode binge over two days.

And I read a lot of blogs. I use Google Reader, which I can't recommend enough... And I'm always looking for new stuff to read. I can access it all on my phone which is super handy. Awesomely, in the past few days, I've discovered that the plans for the Band of Mothers blog is to be updated several times a week and that my church has a brand new blog that a bunch of people are contributing to. Plus, the author of the book we're using for the Band of Mothers Squads right now also has a blog that she updates regularly.

This is a good start.

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