Wednesday, July 11, 2007

wednesday wonders

Mmm, happy things...

...spending gobs and gobs of time with K this week.
...switching my work schedule! I <3 not getting up early!
...going to the movies.
...Jim's restaurant. The BLT is my favorite thing. Not that I've had a lot of stuff there, but that item is particularly delicious.
...not having to worry about my boyfriend thinking I'm crazy. Ever. Even when I'm exasperating him.
...Becker Vineyard's wine. I forget what it's called exactly but it's delicious and available at HEB which is a lovely plus. new to me Palm Treo. I killed my phone in typical Melissa fashion and my dad just got a new one, so he let me have his old one. It's a rather enjoyable piece of technology. I don't know that I'd get a new one, but I like it a lot more than I thought I would.
...I get to book a bed and breakfast for a couple of nights soon!
...K and I are tossing about plans of how to celebrate our anniversary and it is way fun to come up with ideas. Nevermind that our anniversary was in May. :) theater popcorn with a ridiculous amount of butter and some jalapenos. Next time, if I'm not sharing, I might just put the jalapenos right in the bag of popcorn. That's how I know I live in Texas. of the people I work with told me she really liked AND appreciated my disposition.
...when we saw Transformers (the second time for me and K), K's sister became so invested in the movie, she kind of was hoping her car would transform when she used the remote to unlock it.
...having more sleep in my life.
...daydreaming about school and doing fantastic things with various careers. nails grow quickly and strongly. Even though I keep them pretty short, I appreciate how nice they CAN be.
...public libraries.
...exploring the hospital when no one I know is admitted.
...getting a regular paycheck.
...this blog post from Best Week Ever. awesome blender with the base so heavy you could protect yourself from a kitchen invader with it by swinging it at their head.
...chocolate covered peanut clusters. The only thing that would be better is if there was caramel included. Is that a turtle?
...a gift subscription to Glamour from Tina! She freaking rules! K is quite happy as well (but probably won't admit it) as he likes to flip through my girly magazines.
...I have a tape of two episodes of The Closer I haven't seen yet. I should have watched it already, but knowing it's there ready for me to enjoy makes me happy.
...100% cranberry juice.
...this new light orange juice from Tropicana. It has Weight Watchers points on it and it tastes like you stuck a straw in an orange. Even more so than the regular Tropicana orange juice!
...iced non fat caramel machiattos. Mmm...
...leftovers in my fridge!


tina said...

Wow, I made it into a Wednesday Wonder! Cool beans. Yea, I know what you mean... Mat allows tries to read my US magazine before me.

m3li558 said...

K likes to pretend he is flipping through magazines for ideas for women's clothing for his comic book drawing, but I know the truth.