Saturday, July 14, 2007

five fun things that happened this week

1. An issue of Glamour arrived in the mail. Tina had told me she was getting me a subscription but I thought maybe I was reading it wrong, but nope! She is one of my best good friends who maintains contact even when I forget to write back for ages and ages. Or do stuff like have a letter started that's in my bag just waiting to be finished.

2. K surprised me with flowers and a really sweet note! Flowers are fantastic. I don't even care what kind they are, they are always a delight. Plus, the whole thing from K was very thoughtful and adorable and I basically just have a fabulous boyfriend.

3. It was my first week by myself with my new position and new schedule and it went really well. It's a different kind of stress from my last job and I like it a lot better. I have a much better feel for the department and the position at this point in the game than I did for the last one and that is a hearty sense of relief. Yay for me!

4. K took me out to lunch every day this week. Not to like super fance restaurants or anything every day, but I saw him every single day before work and almost every day after work too. I really love that man.

5. I set up the big part of my mini vacation! A bed and breakfast is all booked with an email confirmation recieved and everything. I am so excited! I think it's going to be exactly what I need and that I will have a great time taking in some new scenary. Two weeks!

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