Thursday, July 26, 2007

wednesday wonders!

My latest list of happy things.

...getting to hang out with my grandmother right here in Texas!
...the babies running around and jumping on my grandmother.
...I have a boyfriend who does not freak out when I have cramps. I have a boyfriend who will make me some toast so I can take some drugs to get rid of the cramps. and said boyfriend are going away for the weekend to a place we've never been and it is going to be a fantastic weekend. I haven't ever done anything like this before and the closer it gets, the more ridiculously excited about it I get. I printed up the little brochure from the b&b so I can look at it every day and smile.
...the timing of our weekend getaway is perfect in several different ways for both of us. Seriously, you'd be amazed if I outlined it all for you.
...I graduated from secretary school a day earlier than everyone else!
...I saw the latest Harry Potter movie and I loved it!
...I finished reading the latest Harry Potter book today and I loved that too! I didn't even stay up all night at all this week. Last night I stayed up a tiny bit extra, but it was only until the clothes were done in the washing machine and ready to be put in the dryer. I want to read the Half Blood Prince again and then read the Deathly Hallows again too though because I already know everything that will happen and will be sure to absorb it all. I'd really like to read ALL of them again, back to back, but I only own the last three. I read all the others while sitting at Barnes and Noble. Heh.
...I like the rain. I know everyone else is getting sick of it, but I really am loving it.
...when I snuck back outside to get my book, I saw three teeny tiny frogs on the sidewalk! It's like I live in a freaking rainforest these days.
...I can watch Conan on a regular basis again. new job is working out nicely in a lot of ways.
...K and I celebrated our anniversary. A little late, but that wasn't really too important for this round. It was a really lovely day, and my uber talented man made me a very sweet card. I took a picture of it so it shows up on my phone when he calls me. theater popcorn with butter and jalapenos is very good. And probably kind of a very Texan thing to do. But it was delicious.

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