Wednesday, July 18, 2007

my apology post/update/wednesday wonders

Sorry for disappearing this week! I had to switch my work schedule again to accomdate some training. I'm in secretary school this week! It's been a little cheesy but also a little helpful. Except today I kind of wanted to knock myself out with the computer keyboard because it was so tedious to go through all this computer training that I kind of don't particularly need. At least so far. I'm hoping tomorrow will bring some shortcuts and whatnot that will be helpful. If nothing else, at least I know I can go and cover shifts in other areas of the hospital. And also, at least the instructor is nice and funny and I've made some friends in secretary school.

It's not really called secretary school. Mike just used to joke about secretary school a lot and this is pretty close to what he would saracastically say he'd been sent to in order to be able to secretate properly.

Me and K have been watching Harry Potter movies to catch him up in order for us to both properly enjoy the newest release. I think we're going to be able to go see it tomorrow. I'm really hoping because I might just sneak in a viewing myself and go see it with him later too. We'll see. :)

Okay, here's my list of fantastic things popping up in my life to be enjoyed:

...a solid background of training in my job. I had a pretty good start but feel even more confident now. connections within my workplace. I've never had anything against my place of employment, but I am now even more impressed with different opportunities that are available and resources just there for me to take advantage of.
...seeing some Harry Potter with someone who is as delighted by them as I am.
...scrubs that look kind of good! I got tired of trying everything on so I ended up getting a bunch of unisex scrubs in different colors, but they at least are a little more fun to look at and fit a tiny bit better. Eventually I'm totally getting scrubs that I really do look good in.
...nights that include pizza, beer, and a movie.
...the new Burger King by my place is open!
...rice krispy treats.
...knowing that this is a much better WW week than the last two have been, even before going to weigh in at a meeting. A girl can just tell sometimes.
...making new friends that will definitely be work email buddies if not people to actually hang out with later. flowers are still blooming from last week. :) I was at Starbucks talking to K and a regular customer came in and was talking to me while K was grinding coffee and stuff. We talked about random stuff, including me and K going to the movies and she handed me a chunk of change and said to have a good time on her. How freaking awesome is that?!
...the woman with the slight Irish accent randomly saying "Get in my belly!" and then being amused that we all laughed so hard. Oh, Austin Powers movies, you are truly hysterical.
...I don't know if I've ever mentioned this site before, but it is seriously fantastic:
...seeing a preview of The Simpsons movie. Mmm, Simpsons...
...seeing so many movies in general lately.
...even though I've had to be at work in the morning, I did not have to get up at 5:30 am a single day this week. I think it's valuable to know that having to be someplace at 8 or 8:30 am is not torture. But I'm still stoked about my evenings schedule. of K's coworkers who aspires to own his own restaurant had a fish fry over the weekend. The fish was great, but his homemade tarter sauce is amazing. By amazing, I mean usually I only kind of like tarter sauce, but with this guy's, I'd dip pretty much anything in it just to eat more tarter sauce without being too weird. But I suppose THAT is pretty weird. hair is thick and curly and crazy and pulls back into a kickass ponytail. I still want to get it cut, but I am enjoying it a lot these days.
...daydreaming while it's raining.
...curling up with my boyfriend when there's crazy Texan thunder and lightening so loud and bright that I thought the sky might actually break open.
...reading this headline: Space vacation prices rise astronomically. Um, duh?
...reruns of Friends.
...the first four new episodes of The Office will be an hour long!

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DeAnna said...

lots of wonderful things this week yay for that!

PS I dont think scrubs are meant to look good on anyone so the fact that you find good in that is awesome! You can always make something wonderful out of something so bad.