Thursday, July 5, 2007

happy fourth of july!

I hope everyone had a good one. I got the day off at the last minute when my department director decided it would be okay for us to close. I spent the afternoon with my family and then got to have a late dinner with my boyfriend. When we came outside of the restaurant, we managed to catch some fireworks. It was a lovely way to spend the day. But anyway, here's my late list of fantastic things I've been thinking about!

...cans of diet Dr. Pepper.
...a new job that is going well.
...the thought of flipping my schedule and not having to wake up around 5:30 am all the freaking time anymore! niece and her love of playing with my hair. Sometimes she wants her hair to be curly like mine and sometimes she wants mine to be straight like hers. That's fine, I have felt the same way periodically through my life.
...hearing stories about K from when he was a little tiny kind from his mom and sister.
...K's sister's homemade sangria. Mmmmm, fruity and delicious alcohol.
...the cricket in my truck not making anymore noise. Although that may mean I find a dried out cricket in my truck soon which will not make the list of Wednesday wonders.
...I've lost 10 pounds! That's a nice little chunk of weight! Heh, literally! parents got iPhones and my dad was interviewed while he was in line by the local news. I'm jealous, but also aware that I do not need that much gadgetry in my pocket at the same time at this point in my life.
...Me and K went to the movies two days in a row! (Live Free or Die Hard and Transformers)
...Harry Potter is almost here! The book AND the movie!
...a new shoulder/messenger-ish bag for work.
...plans for school.
...having a WW-BFF.
...making plans to have a very small vacation with K in July. I am really looking forward to it. grandmother is coming out to visit!
...I know myself very well. It kind of freaks people out sometimes, but I am so glad I know how I'm reacting to things and how to work with my natural inclinations to make it easier to be in whate situations I'm facing. I think that's really valuable.
...I realized I put some things in my life on hold and am working on ways to hit play again.
...reading lots of books lately!
...reading with my boyfriend! nephew has the sweetest heart.
...friends with blogs. mom letting me play with her phone even though she knows that I'm going to do something like change the name I'm under (ie "Melissa is Awesome").
...watching movies.
...chocolate covered gummy bears.
...a case of citrus green tea from my parents.
...K deciding to keep some appliances at my apartment. That means I now have a waffle iron and french press at my disposal. There's rumors of a pannini maker too!
...acid reflux medicine that works wonders.
...strong fingernails.
...sleep. Mmm, sleep.


DeAnna said...

MELISSA IS AWESOME! I will change my phone today! and under your mom's name...Pretty Lady...remember that!! Have a great week friend!

m3li558 said...

Hahaha, that's fantastic. :) But try not to encourage my mom. I think she's hoping when I have kids that they will call her pretty lady.