Sunday, October 14, 2007

i have ant bites on my butt

Bugs in Texas suck. They're all bigger than bugs are supposed to be and they all apparently bite. Why would an ant bite you? Obviously you are bigger and a threat to its existance. GO AROUND.

I have ants in my BEDROOM. At first I thought it was because of my neighbors leaving trash outside their door all the time and the fact I get the newspaper delivered. I figured some of those ants crawled into my newspaper bag and then snuck out into my room. But after I vacuumed all those suckers up, later I noticed DIFFERENT ants crawling around. Why in my room, I don't know. I very rarely have food in there and it doesn't really stay in there anyway. Sometimes I have a glass of juice, but the same thing, I take it out. I might have random piles of things everywhere in my apartment but I don't really have garbage lying about. I guess they're looking for water, but they should really hang out in at least the bathroom in that case. Not around and in my bed. I don't ever see them in my bed, but when I wake up with welts on my arms (and now my butt), I figure they've made it up there somehow.

The apartment complex people are coming to spray on Tuesday, so I've got two more nights of vacuuming up little annoying biting bugs before I go to sleep. There's an ant hill right outside one of my windows. I saw a pile of dirt and kicked it just to see what would happen and it was like a horror movie. A million ants swarmed out of it. I was kind of afraid that when I went inside it was going to look like that on my carpet, but luckily it didn't.

Last year around this time, it was a scorpion on my pillow. This year it's ants. I guess the good thing though is that since I live in apartment complex I just call the office and schedule someone to come and spray and that's that. I'm not sure I'm ready to own a house. Pretending I could afford it and whatnot, I still would be a little wary of taking on yardwork and pest control at this point in my life. Right now it seems to be a very fair trade to be annoyed by the mysterious sounds coming from upstairs on occassion to be able to call the office to fix whatever it ailing my home.

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