Friday, January 5, 2007

Friday Five

Five Reasons My Neighbors (that I've never met) Annoy Me:

1. Their teeny tiny dog's name is Mojo. I hear this a lot because they stand outside and say "Mojo! Get over here! Mojo, now!"
2. Twice they have cleaned off their shoes in front of my door, leaving dog poop right where I can easily step in it. I know it was them because there was a shoe trail that led from the walkway, over to my door, into their apartment.
3. They regularly park over the lines, taking up two spaces. Sure, there are a ton of empty parking spots over by my place, but why would you regularly take up two? It makes you look retarded.
4. They leave bags of trash outside their door for days (and a couple of times over a week) at a time. First of all, I don't need to see or smell your trash. Second of all, I had an unfortuante experience with a possom outside my apartment in California and I've seen WAY more wildlife here and would rather not repeat the experience.
5. Every time I see them and smile and say hello, they look at me like I'm retarded for trying to talk to them and be neighborly.

1 comment:

mikewurtz said...

Boooo. Neighboors suck. You should bake them something, or take their trash out for them. 'Kill 'em with kindness', as my mom would say.