Wednesday, January 10, 2007

humpday happiness!

Thank you, Mike, for the suggestion for the Wednesday theme. Yay!

Here's a list of happy things that either happened this week or I am just particularly delighted by at the moment:
...chicken and dumplings for dinner last night, with a lovely toasted loaf of French bread on the side. niece being excited about coming over to bake cupcakes with me to celebrate her birthday.
...retractable pens that have orange and pink ink.
...cold cold cold mornings.
...a good interview at the Bux to hopefully be rehired for a weekend shift.
...the possibility of another lengthy hot bubble bath in my parent's giant tub this weekend.
...seeing the movie Snakes on a Plane.
...K laying down next to me, keeping his eyes closed, but puckering up for a kiss. tank of gas is lasting abnormally long. soda as long as I bring my cup to work.
...Almond Snickers. that is long enough and thick enough to put up with a pencil.
...a nice warm bed to snuggle into when it's cold outside.
...The Office.
...two email buddies for during the day.

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mikewurtz said...

Hooray for cold mornings!!