Monday, January 29, 2007

oh lord, won't you buy me a mercedez-benz

That's the song stuck in my head today. All day so far. That's what I get for working about 24 hours over the weekend at Starbucks I suppose...

It's Monday and normally I would have a movie review, but I haven't watched any in a week. I realize that's hardly remarkable to the public at large, but K and I used to watch two or three a week. Last week we started one and then stopped it and then started it up again later and stopped it. I think we might be about halfway through it now, but that could be generous.

So instead, a little weekend happiness recap:
-K's sister came to visit me at the store on Friday.
-Mike came by to visit on Friday as well.
-My dad came by with four bags of the best Trader Joe's trail mix there is AND a book I hadn't read yet.
-Working the overnight shift meant I got to read the entire book this weekend.
-I stopped by K's store to say hi to him and he completely lit up when he saw me. That makes a girl feel good.
-I found a spot in my living room for a table that I just stuck off to the side and I think it's going to work well in the new spot.
-I got one shift next week covered, and I might have one shift this week covered. This is perfect because I can handle working the other ones I have.



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