Wednesday, January 31, 2007

wednesday wonders

...unexpected raindrops on the way to work today. Enough to make a statement, but not so much that I couldn't still walk instead of riding the shuttle.
...making it to each job on time (or even a few minutes early) every day in the past two weeks even though when I am at my not Starbucks job I don't entirely wake up until about five hours after I arrive.
...a sticky kiss from my nephew on Monday.
...MUG rootbeer orange cup with stars on it that my mom bought me a few years ago because it's the perfect Melissa cup.
...I have a boyfriend who not only doesn't freak out when I start crying but is genuinely concerned that I'm going to be okay.
...I have a boyfriend who encourages me and supports me.
...bringing my trusty old cd player to work with me. I am definitely going to get the iPod fixed as soon as I possibly can though. Immediately, if not sooner.
...coworkers at Starbucks loving The Office as much as I do, if not more.
...starting the application process at University of Phoenix and it going really smoothly so far.
...I had several visitors at work last week. I LOVE visitors at work!
...a hug and a kiss from my niece after I took her home from our botched cupcake decorating/night o' fun with Auntie attempt.
...making plans to go to sleep tonight ridiculously early
...good meals. meal tickets for the cafeteria. They were good while they lasted, and went out with a bang. Today was the last day and there was fried shrimp up there. Nice.
...almond steamers new automatic stapler in my office. I hide it every night so this one doesn't get traded out like the last one did when someone else broke theirs. Mine has its own staple remover BUILT INTO it.
...anticipating quality time with K tomorrow. Yay!

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