Wednesday, January 17, 2007

wednesday wonders

It's Wednesday, the day to take a moment and list wonderful things. :)

...freezing cold weather. Seriously, I LOVE it. Just not the driving part, but actually, it's making me less and less nervous.
...remembering to put up my wiper blades so they didn't freeze to my windshield
...getting to work on time. Actually, clocking in early to make up for leaving early yesterday to avoid being frozen into the parking lot.
...not having to go to my second job last night.
...The Office, especially the American one, season 2. Seriously, I laugh out loud every episode I watch, even though I've seen them all at least twice already!
...Mike letting me keep his copy The Office for such a retardedly long time.
...starting my second job and it not being a difficult transition, so far.
...grande almond non-fat lattes.
...Nerds Rope. K bought it for me and it is pure sugar deliciousness. Especially when eaten while also drinking Pepsi.
...pan fried potatoes with onions, then reheated a couple days later with added chicken and cheese. I am such a good cook sometimes. training class being cancelled tonight. I realize it's starting to sound like I'm not excited about this job. Let me assure you, this is not the case. I am not, however, excited about the prospect of driving home in freezing rain and ice generally after sunset, but especially after 9 pm. lunch in the cafeteria. It's never that expensive anyway, but free is even better than not that expensive.
...ducking under the table and making my nephew laugh so hard his whole body shook. Toddler laughs are fantastic.
...Barack Obama thinking about running for President. I actually think the better way to go would be Hillary Clinton as President and him as Vice-President, but I'm stoked he's thinking about it. The man is amazing and I think he'd be a fantastic leader of our country. And I'm serious about Hillary Clinton. I love her too.
...blogs. bed. I love my bed. It doesn't even have that great of a mattress, but I still love it. When I get married, that's the first big purchase I want to make. A truly fabulous bed and everything that goes with it. Maybe second big purchase. Our rings will definitely be as kickass as we can possibly make them. mad typing skillz.


mikewurtz said...

Hooray for The Office!
Hooray for free lunch!
Hooray for Barack Obama!
Boo for Hillary Clinton!

m3li558 said...

Whatev. :)

DeAnna said...

Happiness is reading your blog! You make me smile!

Jo said...

Can I just say that I can totally relate to the whole "Love my Bed" comment! I feel the same way about my bed, it is so old and lumpy and pretty sure that is broken in more ways than one, but I actually miss it when I am away and can't wait to cuddle into it when I get home! Of course I refuse to replace it, as I should!