Thursday, January 11, 2007

texas vs. california

I've only lived here a year so I still occassionally think about the vast differences between Texas and California. I actually am a fan of living here and amazingly glad I moved, but I had never realized how thoroughly to the core I am Californian until I moved to another state.

Here's some food you can get in Texas that I'd never encountered in California:

-frozen pizza from the grocery store topped with pepperoni and jalapenos
-fried pickles at a restaurant
-corn fritters (fried nuggets of cream of corn)
-sweet tea as almost always an option if not just the default
-sushi that has roast beef in it
-candied jalapenos


mikewurtz said...

Don't forget Whataburger. :-)

m3li558 said...

I didn't really have Sonic before moving here either. It's not really prevelant in the areas of California I lived in. I love me some cherry limeaid.

s. said...

dear person i don't know,

i am sorry for intruding on your entry (i do love talking about food, but i have something else on my mind). i have noticed that you have me linked, which is lovely; however, my url has changed, and your link now points to an archived journal that will hopefully at some point disappear. (although that is looking more and more unlikely, given the bugs in the system and the lack of support by google/blogger; despite my overwhelming passion for google, i'm starting to think they should've sidestepped the online journaling game, but i digress.) the new url is: