Friday, January 26, 2007

five things that help on a bad day

1. Almond M&Ms or Almond Snickers.

2. A fresh cup of soda with ice. Pepsi if I'm not working at Starbucks later, Mug Rootbeer if I am. Gotta watch the caffiene, yo.

3. Talking to K for a little bit. Especially when he tells me he loves me because it makes the back of my neck tingle when he does.

4. Making plans to pick up my niece on Monday for an evening that will start with a stop at McDonald's for a happy meal and proceed to my apartment for cupcake decorating and picture taking.

5. Looking at the clock and realizing in about an hour I'll be on my way home where I can walk into my apartment, drop my stuff on the floor, and climb into bed and watch a movie/sleep for three and a half hours.

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