Friday, January 26, 2007

five reasons why ground turkey is great

1. It's cheaper than ground beef. By a good amount. Enough that I can use that change to buy myself some chocolate out of the vending machine at work and there are some days when I really need some chocolate out of that vending machine.

2. You're pretty much not going to notice any taste difference. ESPECIALLY in something like tacos with all the seasonings or sausage, again with all the seasonings.

3. It's way less greasy than beef. That means not only is it better for you because of having less fat and calories, it's way easier to clean up because you barely have to drain the pan when you're cooking it.

4. Using it in Texas guarantees a good story later.

5. I don't think I really need to give five whole reasons. It's cheap, good, less fat, and easy to clean up. What other reason do you need? :)

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