Monday, January 22, 2007

i love him.

I was thinking. Maybe I should run for governer of California on the platform that I could get Arnold Schwarzenegger to make movies again.

But I don't really want to move back to California.

Who said anything about you moving to California?

So you're going to dump me and move to California and run for governer?

Maybe. Let's call that plan Q.

Okay. Hey, what's plan A?

Well, plan A is the big one. We can talk about it later.


tina said...

hehehehehe. I was reading this at the table while mat was on the couch playing world of warcraft, and he had to ask me what I was laughing about. so I read him the excerpt. His response... "and you think I'm weird? Noo." heehee. Life is good.

mikewurtz said...

You should say,

"Dumping me should be plan Z. Dumping you is my plan Z, and you better watch out because Y is not working out so well right now."

m3li558 said...