Wednesday, November 7, 2007

wednesday wonders!

Oh, the old list of things making me happy. Sorry it's been gone for so long! belly button BARELY itches today! and the other secretary decided on a color and I wear the same color scrubs every day. I like it because I don't have to decide what to wear. I just have to find the clean ones. hair is growing out. I liked the cut I got but have started to miss it being longer.'s actually kind of cold outside! All day long!
...pumpkin spice lattes.
...Miller Lite Genuine Draft in a bottle.
...Friends reruns.
...someone gave me a coupon for a discount on a massage today. I've never had one before and when I get some extra cash I'm totally using it.
...salads. I've been buying bowls that have the veggies and then dressing and a few extras like eggs and what have you in them. They are cheap and delicious.
...hummus and toasted English muffins cut into pieces.
...K being completely sweet, especially the past week and a half or so.
...the new season of House.
...the writers strike. It doesn't make me happy that tv is going to be changing and whatnot, but it makes me happy that they are standing up for themselves. I'm totally on the side of the writers and glad that the actors on my favorite shows are supporting the writers too. But you know what sucks? The Office only has two more taped episodes.
...making Thanksgiving food plans with my mom.
...thinking about day after Thanksgiving sandwiches. Mmmm...
...the Spurs are doing well!
...having an embarassing endearing nickname for my boyfriend that he secretly likes but would be mortified by if made public. It's not for adults only, it's just embarassing.
...good grades in my classes.
...last week my vcr messed up but my boyfriend's sister had a tape of Grey's Anatomy she let me borrow.
...encouragment from random places.
...actually knowing what's going on around the world.
...the movie The Kingdom STILL making me think. It was even better than Syriana, which I literally saw at least three times in the theater.
...The Real Housewives of Orange County. I can't help it. I just can't look away.
...snuggling down in my bed with all the covers pulled up over me. Fall is my favorite until winter comes and than that's definitely my favorite.
...still laughing over things my niece told me while we were making cupcakes.
...the bowl of ramen I'm about to eat. :)

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