Tuesday, November 27, 2007

monday things that made me happy

1. Turkey soup courtesy of my mom, the best soup maker ever.
2. Hydrocortizone cream for my itchy itchy itchy eczema.
3. Making an appointment with a doctor about my itchy itchy itchy eczema.
4. Getting a different birth control pill prescription called into a pharmacy after knowing after two weeks that this new one was not a good fit.
5. A cold beer after a long shift courtesy of my boyfriend (buying a six pack and leaving it at my apartment).
6. Chatting all day with one of my fantastic coworkers, JW. Sometimes I want to kick her, but most of the time I really like working with her. And I love swapping stories with her. But she cannot remember K's name for the life of her. It's cool though, it is a very unusual name.
7. Knowing that K might come over tonight even though it's already late and he has to open.
8. My flowers are still pretty almost two weeks later.
9. Low blood pressure.
10. Winter-like weather! Finally!

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