Tuesday, November 6, 2007

belly button update

Okay, so no one really cares. But I missed out on sleep last night because of this, so I definitely care.

The gist of it is I had my belly button pierced ages ago and took the jewelery out to let it close up months ago. Last week the hole got a little infected. I attacked it with a vengenace using alcohol, triple antibiotic ointment, and covering it up with bandaids. I'm either allergic to the adhesive in the bandaids or all the activity just irritated my skin and in any case I have a miserable rash. It looks like the eczema I used to get. I looked it up on webmed.com and I've just been cleaning it with gentle soap and using hydrocortisone cream on it to alleviate the itching. It looks AWFUL. It is bright pink and bumpy and disgusting. It's not infected, it seems to be getting better, but it is ITCHY. And also gross. I don't want to scratch it because that will make it worse and I do pretty well with that.

Except for last night while I could have been sleeping. I was constantly waking up because I was scratching and didn't want to be. And then around 5 am I just started crying because I was so itchy and so tired. Imagine my delight at having class and work today.

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